Wurstfest draws college students to New Braunfels

By Joe Martin


NEW BRAUNFELS – Many college students could be seen among the thousands taking in the last day of the annual Wurstfest on Saturday, Nov. 12, at New Braunfels’ Landa Park.

Starting at 11 a.m. and continuing until midnight, for a $10 cover charge participants could take in a number of events, rides and foods if they wanted to shell out more money for tickets. Some vendors took cash but most welcomed the tickets.

“Wurstfest is one of the best times of the year,” college student Samantha Midcap said. “You just have to know how to get around the crowds.”

Entering the venue on the last day, one could expect to get hit with a rush of heat from the thousands of people attending the celebration. Patrons dressed in traditional German costumes were commonly seen holding large pitchers of beer as they stumbled to and from the vendors, skillfully weaving in and out of the crowd without spilling a drop.

Wurstfest, which was held Nov. 3-12, sported two main event tents where you could hear live music mostly hits from the ‘80s. A number of vendors sold beer and food in the tents. The most popular of beers among the 55 offered were Coors, Warsteing and Paulner.

A theme park on the far side of the grounds featured a Ferris wheel, numerous other types of rides and a glasshouse.

John Turner, a volunteer who has worked at Wurstfest since 1960, described the festival as “an event that started small but has gradually grown into a large celebration that everyone could enjoy.”

It was smart to drink in moderation at the event. Police officers stood solid at watch in every corner of the park.

Wurstfest also offered a large assortment of bratwurst and other wild variations of sausage dishes.

The festival began as the “Sausage Festival,” a small community gathering to celebrate German heritage and showcase local foods along with other types of dishes. As its popularity and size group, the occasion was changed to “Wurst Week” until finally evolving into “Wurstfest.”

Wurstfest veteran Christian Campbell offered some advice for festival-goers.

“When coming to Wurstfest be sure to bring someone to hold your pitchers because running around and having fun for so long tends to tire out your arms,” Campbell said.

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