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‘Angel of Death’ convicted

Known as the “Blond Angel of Death,” Alfredo Astiz, the former Argentine naval officer, was convicted to life in prison for the crimes he committed during his military rule in 1976 through 1983. Some of the crimes he committed were torture, murder and forced disappearance. His victims included two French nuns as well as the founders of the human rights group, Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. During his sentencing, Astiz expressed no emotion.He is one of the most prominent symbols of oppression during the time of military rule in Argentina. For years, human rights groups had protested to bring justice to convicted criminals. When the sentence was announced, these groups celebrated.

East Coast hit by early snowstorm

An unprecedented snowstorm has hit the East Coast. From Maryland to Massachusetts, more than 3 million homes were left with no electricity. Residents have been warned they may be left with no power for several days. Some parts in Massachusetts are experiencing more than 27 inches of snow. The storm worsened as it moved north, and states of emergency have been declared in certain places. John LaCorte, a National Weather Service meteorologist from Pennsylvania, said the last time the state experienced a massive storm this early was 1972. Due to snow-related accidents, six people have already been reported dead so far.

Gaddafi son claims innocence

The late Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, 39, claims to be innocent of crimes against humanity. Gaddafi’s son was accused of such crimes during the latest conflict with Libya. He had been in hiding for some time now. It is believed he was in a convoy heading towards Libya’s desert border with Niger, where some of his allies had escaped. The International Criminal Court says Gaddafi’s son will get a fair trial. However, the court fears Sair al-Islam might try escaping to a friendly country nearby.

Russia to close WTO membership

Russia aspires to resolve all outstanding differences it has with Soviet Georgia in order to become a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). President Dmitry Medvedev met with Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey, to discuss the country’s progress on the issue. Russia had first applied to be a part of the WTO 18 years ago. Currently, it is the only major economy not yet a part of the global free trade club. Membership to the WTO can be established once an agreement has been reached between all the interested parties. Georgia has vetoed Russia’s entrance.


Metallica gig organizers arrested

Fans in India smashed up the stage where the U.S. rock band, Metallica, was to play, after four organizers of the planned gig were arrested for fraud. A member of the public had complained after DNA Entertainment Network had refused to refund money from tickets. The band was scheduled to play in Dehli this past Friday, but the performance was postponed due to the collapse of a security barrier in front of the stage. Organizers attempted to schedule the show for the following day, but were unable to get the required permit on time.

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