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Typhoon shows response issues

  The devastating Typhoon Haiyan emphasized limitations of the Philippine government’s disaster preparation and relief capabilities.

While supplies and goods were flown citizens in American cargo planes, it shined a uneasy spotlight on the island nation’s military as an overstretched, poorly funded force that has been criticized for its late arrival to the disaster zone.

Police: Son likely stabbed father

  The day before apparently stabbing his father, Virginia State Sen. R. Creigh Deeds, and then shooting himself afterwards, investigators believe Austin Deeds underwent a psychiatric evaluation.

However, Austin Deeds was not admitted to a hospital as there were no beds available. Investigators believe he stabbed his father 27 times in the face and chest in a case of attempted murder and suicide,

Virginia’s mental-health system is now under intense and closer evaluation.

Politician: ‘Guilty’ of coke charge

  Rep. Henry “Trey” Radel, a freshman Republican from Florida, pleaded guilty in D.C. Superior Court to a charge of possession of cocaine.

He allegedly bought nearly 3.5 grams of cocaine, estimated to be worth $250, at a restaurant in Dupont Circle late last month during an undercover operation. Afterwards the congressman admitted he has been struggling with his alcoholism and apologized for his conduct.

Bombs kill soldiers, police
  A suicide bomber drove an explosives-laden car into a convoy of buses, killing 11 troops headed home on leave and wounding another 35 in Egypt.

The incident was one of the deadliest attacks against security forces there since 25 police officers were executed near the town of Rafah in August. While there was no evidence last Wednesday’s attacks on the security forces were coordinated, they highlighted the broadening nature of a budding Islamist insurgency.

Billionaire to bank Mars trip

  Billionaire Dennis Tito has revealed his plans of launching two astronauts to the Red Planet as early as December 2017.

Dubbed “Inspiration Mars,” it would be a 501-day, fly-by mission, no landing, and would exploit a rare alignment of Earth and Mars that minimizes the amount of rocket fuel required.

This cosmic dream would require cooperation from NASA and use of its space Launch System (SLS).


Compiled by Logos staff writer-photographer Gaby Galindo


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