Word Up March

Gay marriage rally in Paris

A mass of people took part in a final protest in Paris against a bill that will legalize gay marriage and adoption. The protest merged onto the Champs Elysees. The French senate will debate the bill next month. The lower house of parliament has already passed it. Although polls show a large amount of French people support gay marriage, there has been a decline of apparent support in the last few weeks.

Residents in Pengshan found approximately 1,000 dead ducks in 50 woven bags in the Nanhe River. Since most of the ducks were already decomposed, officials were unable to determine the cause of death. Dead pigs have also been found in the river. A user on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, wrote with all the dead pigs and ducks that the “soup is getting thicker and thicker.”

Charges over Brazil nightclub fire

Sixteen people will face criminal charges due to a January fire at a nightclub in Brazil  that killed more than 240 people. The fire was caused when the singer of the band that was playing put a firework near the ceiling. Insulation foam caught on fire and toxic fumes were spread through the club. The club only had one door, and that night the venue was overcrowded, with an estimated 1,000 people present when the capacity is 800.

Chilean miner trapped underground

Mario Torres Lopez, 42, has been trapped 300 meters underground since after a mine collapsed in the northern Atacama region of Chile. Rescue workers have yet to make any visual contact with Torres. However, he has responded to noise signals. It is unknown whether he was injured during the collapse. Injuries and deaths due to mine collapses are a common thing in Chile even though the government has made stricter security measures to prevent this.

Compiled by Assistant Editor Paola Cardenas

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