Where seniors ought to give their money

As graduation draws near, I have been receiving many different types of e-mails from the university.

Most of these e-mails serve as reminders. Some just remind me I’m graduating. Some remind me of deadlines. But then you get some that just ask you for money. That’s right.  I haven’t even walked the stage and yet people already have their hands in my pockets.

Today, I am going to talk about the flaws of the senior class campaign. For those of you who are not graduating at this time, let me enlighten you about the premise of the senior class campaign. Basically, the university asks you to donate a small amount of money right before you are about to graduate. This money goes towards the university to make improvements and “add value to your degree.” Then they rank each school within UIW to see which department has raised the most money.

I feel like I’m back in elementary school raising money so my class can win a pizza party. Honestly, I don’t think any senior in any of the departments is going to care if their school raises the most money. Nobody is going to walk around on graduation day saying, “My department raised more money than your department!”

Also, if I do donate any money to the university I would want it to go to my department. When I am walking across that stage I will be proud to be graduating from the university but more proud that I will be graduating from my department. So I believe any money I donate to the senior class campaign should go to my department — not the entire university. I want my money to help underclassmen so they can have tools and experiences I may have been unable to have attending UIW as a student.

If that money can’t go towards my department and needs to benefit the entire university, I would like it to go towards making the school a safer place. If the university asked me to donate money to install emergency blue lights on campus, to stock up on Evacu-Trac chairs (evacuation chairs to help people with disabilities when the elevators stop working), or even to equip our campus police officers with other means of protection besides guns I would support that. I would not hesitate to donate money.

In light of recent events, donating money to make the campus a secure place would definitely raise Cardinal Pride. It would add value to my degree and add value to every student’s well-being and general experience on campus.

Aside from where the money would be going towards, the only real problem I have with this campaign is the marketing for it. I have received five e-mails from the university encouraging me to donate to this campaign. That is definitely four more e-mails than I needed to receive. If someone is not interested in donating money after one e-mail, then they definitely won’t be interested after you persistently send them four more.

Donating money to the university is a great thing to do; it is great for alumni to donate money. The money that alumni donate should go to the university itself but the money from the senior class campaign should go towards things that directly benefit the well-being of their fellow classmates.

I am proud of the fact I am graduating. I am proud of my class and my department. I am just not proud of the senior class campaign.


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