Wedding Fare focuses on rituals

By Joyce Li


An Oct. 7 Wedding Fare in Our Lady’s Chapel focused on the liturgical and musical preparation for the Roman Catholic marriage rite, wedding reservations, or other use of the chapel.

“We would like to help couples to organize the wedding so as to make it as a good memory,” said Father Tom Dymowski,  who as campus chaplain for University Mission & Ministry, is responsible for the booking of the chapel.
The Catholic marriage rite focuses on the marriage contract, Dymowski said. “To marry inside the church represents the faith and commitment to the church,” he said.

The bride and groom must be at least 18, and reservations have to be processed to confirm the time and place of the wedding ceremony, he added.

“Also, a vow has to be approval as it shows the couple is coming for the reorganization in the presence of God,” Dymowski said.

Lena Gokelman, organizer of the wedding ceremony, said a couple’s choice to marry in the church is “a connection to God.

“They have faith in God and want to express it,” Gokelman said. She said she believes a wedding is a good chance to draw family and friends together in a common ground. “Church is a great place to begin their marriage life,” she said.


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