Use sled to get ahead on workout

By Barbara Trevino


   Last month I was raving about the new tractor tire in my gym. However, it seems like this month I can’t get enough of the new sled.

My gym used to have a small, mediocre sled; it still got the job done but was too low to the ground.

I’m glad they have finally invested some money and purchased a bigger, heftier one. I love using this particular piece of equipment because it can build endurance, strength, and even target muscle groups such as quads, hamstrings and gluts. I like it even more because depending on the exercise, you can get a pretty good full body workout.

If your gym has a small or big sled, try these exercises out.

Sled Drag

  1. Place desired plate weights onto sled (no plates are pictured here). Face the sled, standing with feet shoulder width apart. Hold straps in each hand with a comfortable but secure grip.
  2. Come down into a squat position, keeping knees aligned with feet. Make sure your back is in a neutral position and keep both arms fully extended.
  3. Start walking backwards, dragging the sled along. Stay in the squat position throughout the entirety of the exercise to engage quads, hamstrings and gluts. Drag it quickly and feel the burn.


Sled Pull

  1. This exercise is similar to the sled drag. Just reverse. For the pull, face away from the sled with feet shoulder width apart. Again, hold the straps in each hand with a firm grip. Keep your arms extended and close to the body.
  2. Take a step forward, slightly leaning away from the sled. Move from the hips and not so much the back. While pulling the sled behind you, it’s OK to move arms slightly away from the body, but not much.
  3. Follow through this movement, alternating each step. Again, engage quads, hamstrings, and gluts with each movement. For strength, add more weight and go slowly. To build endurance, ease up on weight and have a quicker stride.

Sled Push

  1. Use the bigger sled for this exercise to prevent back injury. Place desired plate weights onto sled (no plates are pictured here). Face the sled with feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Place one foot forward toward the sled. Keeping back neutral, slightly bend forward and grip the side handles of the sled tightly.
  3. Using total body strength, push the sled forward. As you take each step, make sure your feet are in line with knees and that your arms stay fully extended. This is such a great exercise for full body workouts.

Once you try the sled, you’ll be hooked. This piece of equipment is so versatile. You might just have fun pushing, pulling and dragging it around. The sled is great for targeting those gluts, hamstrings and quads. You can build endurance, strength, and even manage a full body workout for those days you’re in a rush for time.


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