UIW to hold Tech Fair

By Gayle Bustamante


University of the Incarnate World faculty members will display new methods in using advanced technology at the first all-day Tech Fair set April 6 in Marian Hall Ballroom.

Last fall, new UIW CIO Marshal Eidson teamed up with fellow administrators and faculty members to create the Technology Innovators Group. The group’s intention was to develop new styles of teaching that can be used on campus and in the classrooms.

The idea of a tech fair was introduced and meetings regarding the idea were held in December and January.

“Why don’t we have an event where we show everybody on campus?,” Phil Youngblood, an assistant professor who heads the computer information systems program in the School of Media and Design.

With technology constantly advancing, faculty members wanted to share and learn new techniques they could use in their lesson plans. Eidson and Ana Gonzalez, director of Instructional Technology, have been working on finalizing every detail that will be showcased at the fair.

A yet-to-be-determined guest speaker will kick off the fair at 9 a.m. with a presentation on new technology in J.E. and L.E. Mabee Library Auditorium. After the speaker, the fair will continue in Marian Hall Ballroom where different venders will be set up in the corners of the room. Different speakers and representatives of school organizations will hold short presentations at display tables. For instance, UIWtv, KUIW radio and the Logos newspaper also will demonstrating what they’re doing in convergence of the media.

“We were originally going to call it a conference, but it’s more like a fair,” Youngblood said. “People are able to walk in and out.”

While small presentations are being held in the back of the ballroom, instructors and administrators will be showing demonstrations of the different technology on the main stage. Youngblood said he will demonstrate the different functions of Second Life and show the virtual world of our own campus.

“It’s like a job fair but instead of picking up a pamphlet, you get a demonstration,” Youngblood said. “You see more of what’s going on.”

Some of the different presentations and demonstrations will feature well-known programs such as iTunes, library technology, Facebook, and more.

Youngblood said this is a good opportunity where people get to learn new things that can be useful. “Every school is doing some wonderful with technology,” Youngblood said. “It’s a chance where some may say, ‘Wow! I didn’t know we were doing that.’ Or ‘Oh, I’m doing something that maybe others are interested in.’ It’s a sharing space.”

For instance, Dr. Pat Burr, distinguished chair of international business, will be around to discuss how the iPad is used in the H-E-B School of Business and Administration.

“If you’ve never seen or worked with an iPad, Dr. Burr can show you how,” Youngblood said.

The fair is just one day this year, but “if it is successful then it can be a much larger event,” Youngblood said. “But I’m not going to commit to that. We’re kind of trying it out. We’re very excited about it and hope others will be too.”

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