UIW sees consistent numbers

By Stephen Anderson


The University of the Incarnate Word might not be setting a new enrollment record this fall when the final figures come in but there’s plenty in the potential number to keep one administrator smiling.

“Our enrollment has been consistent over the past several years,” Dean of Enrollment Andrea Cyterski-Acosta said. “Freshmen — we’ll probably have around 926. And we have around 300 transfer students coming in as well. It is a large class, but it’s a consistent one.

“We work pretty closely with students. We’re a unique institution. A student who may want a UT-type of a campus or an A&M-type of campus might not be happy here. So we want to be sure we have students we’re a good fit for and who are a good fit for us as well.”

Eighty undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees — optometry, nursing, pharmacy and physical therapy – have resulted in consistent numbers and on the horizon an osteopathic medical school is expected to open at Brooks City Base in fall 2017. In fact, Cyterski-Acosta will be the med school’s first associate dean of admissions starting Nov. 1. UIW had three candidates to replace her on campus last week.

UIW has also expanded beyond San Antonio with campuses in Corpus Christi and Killeen. There are two campuses in Mexico, making UIW the only American university with two campuses in Mexico. The school also has a center in Heidelberg, Germany.

Another noticeable number that’s been going up consistently is the trend of more international students choosing UIW to seek their degrees. International students, representing more than 70 countries, make up 19 percent of UIW’s roll.

The community feel for the university is also cited as an attraction.

“Because of the type of institution we are, that strong sense of community sets the foundation,” Cyterski-Acosta said. “I think that with that and everything that goes into being a student is how you conduct yourself. It is all about balance.

“I always tell a commuter student to not come, go to class and go home. There’s things to be involved with. Even if you don’t live on campus, get involved. For a resident student who is here all the time, they have the temptation to want to do everything. You can’t do everything — especially if you are making the transition from a high school senior to college freshman.

“I don’t think students understand how important choosing a college is. You can’t just take a campus tour and go home. You have to come and talk to people, talk to your future professors, students and even graduates.

“I would advise students to make sure and not wait until the end of their senior (year) to do that. Just as we did all summer we met with high school seniors about why UIW would be a good fit for them. We couldn’t be happier to see our students happy. I’m happy if I know if the students we’re enrolling graduate on time, if they’re happy and they have a good experience.”