UIW president: ‘I look forward to our journey together’

Special to the Logos

By Dr. Thomas Evans


Dear UIW Community,

It is a true pleasure to offer words of welcome to the community as we begin the 2018-19 Academic Year. Recently, I had been thinking about something I had been pondering since the week following commencement. I had been feeling that the campus was entirely too quiet, as is typically the case during the summer months on college and university campuses, and about how much I looked forward to welcoming new students to campus, to seeing returning students come back “home” to UIW, to watching our campus become the bustling community it is once more and to interacting with students. I hope when you see me out and about on campus you will take the time to introduce yourself.

All the excitement and energy surrounding the new year can also bring about some anxieties, especially for our first-year students. When Queen Ramirez, Logos editor, asked if I would submit, along with my welcome, “something a little more personal” to share with students about my first day of college I had to chuckle because I had just been asked by someone else what anxieties I had as classes began. Of course, like everyone, I had many. That said, my most anxiety-producing event wasn’t necessarily meeting new people, making friends or fitting in — which I felt were natural anxieties. Rather, I was concerned about getting to classes on time. So, I carefully navigated the campus before classes began, timing myself along the route to make certain I could get from one classroom to another in time when the semester began.

I am grateful that at UIW we have a talented First Year Experience staff that emphasizes time management skills with all new students since it is foundational to all student success, even if worrying about timing yourself getting from one place to another might be a bit excessive in hindsight. So, as we welcome new and returning Cardinals, let us remember many of us may feel lost or concerned in one way or another and offer our assistance and support to each other within our UIW community.

On another personal note, I also feel compelled to share with you that of all the seasons, fall is clearly my favorite. While most might think of spring as a time for renewal and hopefulness, it is the fall that brings to me that sense of new beginnings. As joyful as spring and commencement are, fall and the start of the academic year bring an excitement of the newness of learning and being together as a community, especially as we welcome a new group of Cardinals to “The Nest.” As an added bonus for us in Texas, we also have the hope of a break in the summer heat which will bring us the type of weather that is the envy of most college and university campuses for the remainder of the year.

In conclusion, allow me to offer a heartfelt welcome to those new to UIW and good wishes for the new academic year to all in our learning community. I look forward to our journey together with all the hope and excitement that the start of the academic year brings.

“Praised be the Incarnate Word!”


Thomas M. Evans, Ph.D.

E-mail Evans at thevans@uiwtx.edu

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