UIW plans to sell Watson building

By Tania Hajali


The University of the Incarnate Word plans to sell the 14,500-square-foot

building housing the Kathleen Watson Enrollment Center, an administrator said.

“The net proceeds will be applied toward the (proposed) Student Engagement Center,” Doug Endsley, vice president and business and finance, said.

The Watson building, situated at Broadway and Burr, currently houses the Office of Admissions, School of Graduate Studies and Research, Office of Human Resources, Office of Veterans Affairs, Office of Institutional Research and the Counseling Center. It has been home to other offices in the past.

An anticipated sale would not be finalized before April, Endsley said, and the buyer will have time to examine the property to determine if it is fitting. If the sale is officially settled, employees will not need to vacate the building until September.

The building is being sold to ensure more office space for faculty and staff, Endsley said. The university is looking forward to the positive outcomes, which include a greater availability of Student Service functions in a more convenient location, he noted.

“The net proceeds from the sale will pay for an additional 25,000 square feet in (the proposed Student Engagement Center) building,” Endsley said.

Although students frequent the Watson building, at least two said going there won’t be missed.

“It will be nice if that space is relocated to a more closer area because with all the construction it’s hard to get anywhere,” said student Emily Stephens.

“Amongst students, I think you will find that any opportunity or hope we have of having a common office that’s located in an easy-to-get-to area is much appreciated,” Sana Harhara said. “Parking and getting anywhere around here is extremely difficult.”Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.38.45 PM

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