UIW plans Health and Wellness Fair

By Victoria O’Connor


In hopes of educating University of the Incarnate Word students on what it means to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, an administrator said he hopes many will attend a March 2 fair.

The Health and Wellness Fair will take place in the Richard and Jane Cervera Wellness Center, said Scott LeBlanc, assistant director of the Athletic Training Facilities.

Previously the fair has been held in the old Marian Hall under the direction of Health Services. LeBlanc said he believes the change in venue and administration is an opportunity to emphasize this year’s theme: the dimensions of wellness.

“The fair is such a big event, not only for the UIW community, but for the community around the campus,” LeBlanc said. “The only difference this year is that it’s not only going to be a health fair, but a health and wellness fair. We want to promote wellness just as much as we do health.”

Though people usually associate wellness and health being the same ideology, LeBlanc said he wants to show the community there is more to the two than what people assume.

“Typically people think of health as their medical status and wellness as their lifestyle,” LeBlanc said. “The university teaches different aspects of wellness in the Dimensions of Wellness course, so the fair will be focusing on those six dimensions (emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual) as well.”

Students may learn from the textbook or from what the course professor teaches, but the fair will show firsthand how those dimensions are applied to everyday living, he said.

More than 30 vendors are expected to attend the fair to help students find out more about their health status and learn more about each dimension, he added.

“Our plan is to have our consultant group bring in vendors from around the city along with different stations set up as exhibits,” LeBlanc said. “We will also be doing health screening as well. The key that we’re looking for is that we’ll have stations that are user-friendly and that apply to different sections of wellness.”

LeBlanc said he wants students to see healthy living in a new light compared to how his generation used to see it.

“We really want to incorporate into the ideology is that this is a lifestyle change and not a fad,” LeBlanc said. “So often — especially in my generation — fitness was seen as something that you do because you were in a sport. It’s very cyclic. People who wanted to lose 10 pounds would get on a diet, work out, only to plateau to find that they had gained more weight than when they began.”

Overall, LeBlanc wants people to come out to the fair and learn more about healthy living.

“The main goal for this event is to create awareness,” LeBlanc said. “Health and wellness are a lifelong pursuit. So come and check it out. I believe there’s going to be a lot of information that’s going to be provided to help educate and offer new opportunities for everyone. If we can plant the seed, then hopefully it will carry out with people in a lifelong process.”


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