Trio mounts spin bikes for Fine Arts Building

Three riders on stationary bikesBy Destine’e Flores


Three informational technology specialists raised $615 for the Employee Campaign Fund by riding three hours on stationary spin bikes Friday, Oct. 7, for the first Tour de Cabaret.

The IT Cycling Team – Chief Information Officer Marshall Eidson, chief information officer; John Miller, convergent media manager; and Terence Peak, coordinator of technology training and blackboard certification — rode in front of the Cabaret Breezeway on Keiser stationary spin bikes from noon to 3 p.m.

Some passers-by stopped to watch and cheer the Spandex-clad bikers on. Some stopped to buy a $5 meal consisting of red beans and rice and a pulled pork taco made by Robin Logan, director of institutional research.

Along with the food, other incentives were laid out to raise money, most of which is going to help fund a new Fine Arts Center. One dollar allowed participants to throw a water balloon at a sweaty cyclist, while $10 gave one the luxury of spinning alongside the cyclists. One also could have pledged $1 for the total distance of all three cyclists who covered 183 miles between them.

“Three hours is a long time and we are suffering through for the cause,” Eidson said.

“It’s a good cause and I get my ride in for the week,” Peak said. “It’s a different approach to raise money,”




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