‘The Choice’ just in time for Valentine’s viewing

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It seems like almost every year, a Nicholas Sparks novel-inspired movie comes out in February before Valentine’s Day.

This year is no different in honor of all the couples, or single teenage girls, who go to the movies during Valentine’s Day weekend hoping for a romantic night.

“The Choice,” a movie directed by Ross Katz, hit theaters on Friday, Feb. 5.

Sparks’ books/movies usually all turn out the same way. Two people who are complete polar opposites fall in love in a small town, hit a few bumps on the road, but eventually end up being happy. Until something extremely dramatic happens right when you think the movie is going to end, causing you to leave the theatre with tears running down your face, or your girlfriend’s makeup all over your shirt.

This movie – almost two hours long — is no different from the other films inspired by Sparks’ novels. The plot’s a typical love story, at least during the first three quarters of it. The storyline kind of drags in order to fit the dramatic twist at the end, and I found myself waiting for it to be over. Although it is not the best movie I have ever seen, it is the typical movie to go watch on Valentine’s Day.The_Choice_(2016_film)_poster

In the film, Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer) is a medical student trying to study for her exams, while dating a super-successful doctor with country-club parents. Gabby moves in next door to Travis Parker (Benjamin Walker), a local veterinarian who can’t seem to settle down in his life. After the two meet, their lives change instantly for the sake of their love for one another.

I do not want to spoil the crazy twists in this story. However, I will say the last 30 minutes of the movie could have been a little more entertaining and a little less predictable. I felt as if most of the last quarter of the movie was somewhat unnecessary. There were a lot of pointless scenes that took the place of other scenes that could have been more meaningful to the film.

“The Choice” is an adorable story. I probably will not be watching it again, but it is not a bad film to go watch with your valentine. While I will not reveal how the story ends, I will say I wept some tears while watching it.


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