Tennis teams choose leaders following squad tournaments

By Jane Clare Vosteen


  The men’s and women’s tennis teams decided their lineups for the 2012 season during their team tournament January 27-28 at UIW.

Both teams were scheduled to compete in their first intercollegiate tournaments Feb. 3-4 in Tyler, Texas.

Senior team captain Carlos Olvera will lead the men’s team, playing No. 1. Chris Lawson is in the No. 2 spot, followed by Leury Arias (3), David Ballenger (4), Brandon Davis (5), and Luke Trautmann (6). All are returning players.

“I’m very proud of Carlos,” said men’s coach Pierce Brandan. “I think he’s the best guy for the No. 1 spot and the team captaincy.”

Olvera, who played at No. 3 last year, hopes to set an example that will lead the team to a conference championship.

“We’re a better team than last year,” Olvera said. “We have the same guys but we have more experience and we’ve played together longer and we’ve really grown as a team.”

The women will be represented by No. 1 Ivana Kataric, followed by Maggae Doney (2), Casey Bulls (3), Malisa Vatanadilok (4), Andi Botha (5), and Francesca Bassoo (6).

“I have high expectations for both sides,” said head coach John Newman. “Both Ivana and Maggie are capable of beating anybody.”

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