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A time University of the Incarnate Word students shudder at has quickly approached us. And no, I am not talking about registering for classes. That’s over!

Finals week reportedly is a time where students constantly drink coffee, deprive themselves of sleep, and become highly irritable.  

Students, you do not have to stress yourselves out or wear yourselves thin to do well on your finals! Here are a few tips that should help you be at ease for that fretful week.

  1. Do not convince yourself the world is going to end. It will most likely not. You will live to see May 7, 2011, I assure you. Do not take the concept of final exams too seriously because somewhere down the line, you know the material.
  2. Sleep! Staying up until two hours before your final exam will only hurt your chances of passing your final, studies show the more sleep you get the more information you are able to retain. Do not focus on sleeping after finals either. You are going to need as much focus during your exams as you can get, and you do not want to be the kid who falls out of his or her seat from falling asleep. That’s embarrassing.
  3. Do not turn to caffeine. Especially, if you are not already a caffeine junkie, this is not the time to start. It may seem as if coffee gives you that extra jolt you need, but really, it just stains your teeth and you’ll only end up crashing later.
  4. Oh, and energy drinks, no.
  5. Organize a schedule. The exam dates and times have been posted. Instead of cramming everything the night before, figure out which exam you have which day and plan a study schedule. You will also be able to retain more when you study ahead of time and not cram an hour before.
  6. Study buddies. Except actually study. Someone else might mention something you forgot. It is also a great idea to quiz each other to make the information stick. And acronyms and flashcards are genius!
  7. This is not the time to practice your procrastination skills. Although you are probably going to think of all other things you have procrastinated on and succeeded in: cleaning your room, washing your car, buying your mom a gift for Mother’s Day, or writing that essay from the beginning of the semester, the time to hone those skills is not now.
  8. Deactivate the Facebook account. If you update your status too, Ugh, studying for finals, you will probably not end up studying for finals. You will have the urge to tell yourself, “Oh, I have a new message, let me go to so-and-so’s page, I haven’t talked to this person in awhile, oh, it’s this person’s birthday, someone commented on my wall post.” Then, three hours later you are still on Facebook. You know it will happen.
  9. Take a breather. Do not strain your eyes with equations and terms every second of the day. Take SMALL breaks while studying. Take time to eat an actual meal. Work out for 30 minutes. Remind yourself you still have a life.

10.  Make celebratory plans for after finals. Even if it’s watching a movie with your friends, have something to look forward to after exams to start off your summer right!

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Gayle Bustamante

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