Students’ thoughts on the presidential election

By Nancy Benet

LOGOS Staff Writer

The Logos asked some University of the Incarnate Word students to share their thoughts on the 2016 presidential election and the major candidates – Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.


“I think the elections are not being taken seriously because of the candidates. I think some of the candidates do have some valid plans, but I don’t necessarily agree with any of them 100 percent. However, I am going to participate by voting in the election because it is better than the alternative of not voting and allowing Donald Trump to win the presidency. I think all eligible citizens have an obligation to vote. Unlike other countries, we have the opportunity of choosing our leaders and we should take advantage of it.” — Paulina Garcia, criminal justice major, McAllen.


“I feel like it’s become too partisan at this point, and it’s become too polarized. I don’t particularly like either candidate. Hillary is too far left, and Trump is representing the Republican Party poorly. I feel like they have both become so extreme that neither has a valid plan. Trump has derailed completely, and is losing republican support. When it comes to voting, I feel like it is a citizen’s obligation to vote. However, if you are going to vote, it is also your obligation to be informed. I think it’s important to remember that there are more than two candidates, and if people feel discouraged, they should consider looking at the third party candidates.” — JoAnne Hargraves, double majoring in fashion merchandising and marketing, San Antonio


“I think this election is fundamentally the same as every other election. As for the candidates, they are the same breed of yahoos as they have always been. What the public is saying about the candidates is not really changing. They have been saying practically the same thing about every candidate for about a decade now. I am going to vote because every adult I have ever met in my life has told me it is a good idea. I think that one candidate is a better choice than the rest. Looking at the presidency as a regular job, I think Hillary Clinton has the most experience. This is not to say that she is a great human being. However, she does have more experience. — Seth Guerrero, international affairs major, San Antonio


“I think it has become a reality show. People are so intrigued by it because the candidates are acting like they are on reality TV. Donald Trump has been trying to unify the country using hateful rhetoric, but he is also taking shots at Hillary Clinton. They’re not even talking about real issues. They are just trying to one up each other. Donald Trump has been proposing things that are not economically feasible. He formulates his words well, but sometimes it just does not come out right. However, I am going to vote. I think it is an obligation. I think the Democratic Party needs to unify because they are still divided. I would encourage voting in this election to defeat Donald Trump.” — Antonio Banda, international affairs major, San Antonio


“This election is like any other election, but this one has more publicity because of the candidates. I don’t like either of the most popular candidates. I do not find either of them to be particularly genuine people. It is unfortunate that these are the presidential candidates I have to choose from the first time I vote for president. However I am going to vote, because it is my duty as an American citizen to vote. Politics affects everyone, and because of this, I am going to vote for the lesser of the two evils, which is Hillary Clinton.” — Maya Adair, biology pre-med, Bradenton, Fla.


“I think this election is messy. American politics is messy because they manage elections as a source of entertainment instead of actually talking about government and politics. I think both candidates tried to relate to a certain group of people without actually knowing their audience. They are going off of stereotypes instead of actually thinking of actual needs and wants of citizens. I don’t specifically like either of the candidates, but I think at this point, if people do not vote for Hillary, it is going to go to Trump.” — Lucrecia Cisneros, international affairs major, San Antonio


“I am pretty disappointed with the election because of the amount of corruption going on, especially, with the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders did not even get to run. I am disappointed in our candidates. The fact is that in reality, we only have two choices. So, we have to vote for the lesser of two evils. There is so much corruption with Hillary Clinton, but on the other hand you have Donald Trump, who is a complete lunatic. Either way, we are losing somehow. It does not matter which one wins. The person we vote for is going to represent out country. However, I am still going to vote. If someone does not vote, then they have no right to complain about politics.” — Mila Kelly, government, San Antonio


“I think the upcoming election is a joke. I do not take the candidates seriously. I am going to vote, but probably for a third-party candidate. A lot of people are saying to vote for the lesser of two evils, but I do not agree with a lot of what Hillary Clinton stands for. If I had to choose between the two candidates, I would probably vote for Trump. However, I feel like I am going to vote for a third-party candidate.” — Katherine Van de Walle, rehabilitation science, San Antonio


“I think that the election is a little overdramatized and with enough research behind each candidate, an informed decision can and should be made. I think the two candidates both have extremist views so a lot of my decision is based on the platform they represent. Voting is one of the few duties and privileges we have, and everyone should go out and vote.” — Nicholas Guerrero, double majoring in theatre arts and criminal justice, San Antonio


“I am a little intimidated with this election, but voting is such a privilege so I am going to vote. Everyone thinks there are two candidates and that if they vote for a third party candidate that their vote is being wasted, but I am still going to vote for a third party candidate because of my values. I would encourage people to go out and vote for what they believe in.” — Maria Alvarez, accounting major


“I think that the Republican Party is completely being pulled together by their hatred for Hillary, and Hillary is the only candidate people should be voting for. I wish we had a more moderate candidate, but I am doing the best I can with the options I have. I think that everyone should vote because by not voting, you are letting the older generation pick out candidates.” – Tessa Heines, nursing major, Corpus Christi


“I think this election is very interesting because of American’s priorities for the election, especially Trump supporters. I think Trump is a complete joke, and that Hillary would be a good president. She has the experience in the executive branch of government that I feel is required for the President. I think it is very important to go out and vote. If you don’t vote, then you have no right to complain about the results of the election.” — Sarah Rosenberg, government major, Floresville


“Neither of the candidates are what I would like to see in an ideal president, but I am probably going to vote for Hillary or an independent candidate. I do not want Donald Trump to win. He is a terrible human being. Everything he says is completely insensitive, and the other candidates have way more valuable things to say. I would encourage people to go out and vote in this election to stop Donald Trump from winning. — Mahogani Frazier, biology (premed) major, Cibolo


Editor’s Note: Not all quotes were featured in the print edition due to space.



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