Students start ‘Feed Phil’ campaign by filling banks

By Victoria O’Connor


As the season of giving is approaching, University of the Incarnate Word students are already immersing themselves into the spirit by getting involved in the second annual “Feed Phil” campaign sponsored by P.R.I.D.E.

Phil, short for philanthropy, represents the importance of giving back to the university by using piggy banks to help save money. They serve as a reminder to students about the value of saving, and about how every few cents can make a difference.

“Student can adopt a piggy bank and for two weeks that piggy bank collects money that helps go to our scholarship funds,” said Ana Bribiesca, a UIW graduate student who works full-time as a development associate in the Office of Development.

“Last year we collected around $2,000 and we gave away 100 piggy banks,” Bribiesca said. “The objective of the campaign is to educate the students and the UIW community in general about philanthropy and the importance of giving back.”

In order to help promote the campaign, P.R.I.D.E brought mini pot belly pigs for students to see while they had the opportunity to adopt their piggy banks.

“Basically we’re sponsoring giving back to the University, so we used pigs to promote our idea of saving money,” P.R.I.D.E Vice President Oliver Garnier said. “There are a lot of things the University needs to build upon, and the students’ giving back helps build a bigger endowment fund to bring more students, build new facilities, and grow the UIW community.”

Those who adopted a piggy bank and emptied their pockets of some loose change could help towards a peer’s pursuit of higher education at UIW.

“I saw the organization outside and I thought (it) seemed really cool so I came by, picked up a pig, and started filling it up,” sophomore Ashley Joyner said. “It feels good to give back. I’m using my own money which makes it feel even better.”

Not only did the participants recognize the good of giving back but so did other students as they showed their gratitude with a signed banner from P.R.I.D.E.

“It’s a great campaign,” campaign member Golzar Hosseini said. “‘Feed Phil’ gets students to serve by giving back, and shows the donors what they’re giving back to, and it really helps us connect. For a college student to give back to their school is huge; for anyone to give anything is what counts and that’s what makes a huge impact for this campaign.”

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