Students Are “Eventually Cool”

By Katie Bosworth


In 2011, UIW students created a website containing videos that they would write, produce and edit themselves; this led UIW students Mickey Martinez and Diego Fresquez to create Eventually Cool.

“Eventually Cool is a website where two kinds of entertainment can be found. It’s split into two sections: ‘Eventually Funny’ where we do skits, and ‘Eventually Dramatic’, where we put up short films. We are all content creators so we put up anything that we make up for the public to view,” said Martinez.

Martinez recalls how he and his roommate, Diego Fresquez, wanted to create a series of videos to share with the people of the Internet.

“Mostly what directly inspired the creation were those nights where Diego and I would search through the underbelly of YouTube looking for something entertaining,” said Martinez.

During the adventure we realized there is nowhere we could find serious content and funny content in the same place; they were two different worlds. I wanted to have that gap be closed and wanted to see what the world of good quality YouTube film-making was like,” said Martinez.

When the website first launched, it only had four videos uploaded to it, but within a year it has grown and now contains 21 skits, two short length films, reviews, pop culture news and various video blogs.

Everyone in the crew specializes in his or her own skill but also work with other facets of the projects as well. The entire crew generally has a chance to act, shoot and help with the editing process.

Fresquez is one of the main actors in the group but he also enjoys the filming process.

“I always have fun acting, but I do enjoy the behind-the-scenes aspect. Filming the scenes is surprisingly fun. It’s like you have this sense of power that nobody else, besides the director, can take away from you,” said Fresquez.

Martinez is primarily a director for the videos and says that filming for Eventually Cool is a labor of love.

“My favorite aspect of Eventually Cool has to be the filming itself. I love filming things. I love it when everyone’s schedules clear up and we get a chance to get people together and do what we had planned. I love thinking on my feet when there is an issue. This has solidified my belief that what I want to do with my life is tell stories,” said Martinez.

Last semester Eventually Cool decided they needed more creative minds and fresh perspectives so they welcomed new members Dominic Borsellino and Amy Zepeda.

With the addition of new members, Eventually Cool began to try out new filming techniques along with creating special effects to make better quality videos and expand their creative horizons.

Martinez is constantly thinking of new and innovative changes for the future, he says, “The future of Eventually Cool is looking very interesting. We will continue making skits and shorts with a better focus on quality. We are looking forward to doing a feature project sometime in the future. I’ve always wanted to do a musical so maybe that’s in store. So look forward to some wacky, entertaining and fun forthcomings.”

Eventually Cool has just released a new dramatic film called “Chimera” and plans to release various projects throughout the school year. They encourage new people to check out their website and watch their new videos.

Martinez encourages people to give Eventually Cool a chance, “I would say to give us a shot. If you like entertainment and some escapism, check us out and see if you like us. We have things to say and we hope they will be appreciated and shared. If you like a video, share it and maybe somebody you know will have a positive experience as well. The only way we can grow is if more people watch us. Come and be a part of this crazy thing we created,” said Martinez.

If you would like to give their videos a chance so they may be cool eventually you can go to or check them out on YouTube (username EventuallyCool).


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