Student creates app for tracking shuttles

By Sophia A. Rodriguez


A University of the Incarnate Word senior has created a convenient way to track UIW’s shuttles.

Communication arts major Aaron Garcia, 21, has credited his “Shuttle Tracker” to his iOS app development course with motivating him to pursue this concept. He first thought of the idea in 2010. Garcia said he found the new course helpful in making the idea into a product.

The “Shuttle Tracker” app is still in the developmental stages, Garcia said, but he demonstrated it at the April 3 Tech Fair.

Garcia, a commuter who said he uses the shuttles all the time, pointed out some of the features of the app include the live location of shuttles and an estimated arrival time to its destination. Garcia said he plans on creating more features that will enable the user to determine the efficiency of walking vs. shuttling. The application information is communicated through broadcasting signals from the downloaded application itself.

The application will initially be available for iPhone users, but will open up to Androids.

“Compatibility is a priority,” Garcia said.

The price of the app has not yet been determined. Garcia has created a Facebook page dedicated to the development, and is open to feedback. He has asked fellow students for input regarding prices, and some are willing to pay up to $3. Garcia refuses to allow paid advertisements, therefore making it difficult to have a free download.

With the success of the app, Garcia, who is graduating in May, shared advice for fellow college students.

“Devote your time in school not to parties, but learning about your field of study,” Garcia said. “Stay current by reading articles, and practicing your craft every day. You can’t go where things are currently. You have to think ahead. Otherwise you will be behind.”


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