Spring brings time for break

By Angela Hernandez


Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons.

I love how it seems like things are coming back anew. There are always so many wonderful and lively things happening in the spring. There is spring break, Fiesta, if we are lucky the playoffs, flowers are blooming and usually the spring semester is easier to deal with compared to the fall.

With the arrival of spring I also get to partake in spring cleaning. I make time to go through my closet and donate clothes I no longer use. I organize my room from top to bottom from my shoes to my makeup and hair accessories. There is something so freeing about getting rid of the old to make room for the new and straightening up a mess I have been putting off.

Personally, spring has always been a refreshing start to things for most of my life. This time around when the flowers started to bloom I felt like I was falling apart. I felt my friendship with some of my best friends was leading astray, I was starting to fall behind with my homework, and my home situation was starting to become a tad difficult. The one mess I really wanted to tidy up was my life, but I didn’t even know where to start.

I felt defeated and one day after I had finished working a double at my part-time job, a coworker asked if I wanted to go bowling with some of our other coworkers and him.

“It’s 12 a.m. and I still have a lot of homework to do,” I said.

He reassured me that one night of fun wouldn’t hurt.

“Angela, you always try your best and put a smile on your face,” he said. “I think you could use a break.”

I had so much fun bowling and being with some of my favorite people. The rest of the night was spent eating fried Oreos, trying to bowl a strike, dancing and having the occasional drink. I didn’t even think twice about all the stuff that had me worried hours before. I felt like a wilted flower that was coming back to life after getting some much needed TLC. The next day I had no trouble tackling the huge workload ahead of me.

If there is any last advice I can leave anyone with after this academic year it would be to give yourself a break. It doesn’t matter what you do with that extra time and it doesn’t matter what you’re not attending to in that moment. Have fun. Put a smile on your face and breathe. Everything will be OK. You will spring back into life right after you take a break.


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