Spend Valentine’s Day with friends, family

Valerie-BustamanteBy Valerie Bustamante


The anticipation to have my mom take me to Walgreens as a 5-year-old kid to buy different character theme cards was so thrilling.

Standing below 3 feet tall, I remember just staring up at the shelves with bright eyes of excitement. There were always so many to choose from. Dinosaur ones, “Hello Kitty” ones, Spider-Man ones and even Barbie ones!

Choosing the right one was the easy part; the hard part was sitting at the dining-room table and actually writing the cards out. I had to make sure the boys in my class didn’t get any of the “Be My Valentine?” or “I like you” cards because that wasn’t cool.

After figuring out that situation, the other fun came in making the “mailbox” my classmates were going to drop their cards in addressed to me. My kindergarten mailbox was the best: it was a shoebox covered in pink construction paper with purple and red hearts and a slit in the middle where the cards could slip through.

Till this day I still remember cutting out each individual heart and pasting them all over.

Now as an adult I honestly still get so excited to see all the corny things that come out in the stores once it’s this time of the year. The minute I walk into Walgreens or Target and see the aisles covered in pinks and red, I run over and go gaga for the mini-heart erasers and 25-cent valentine pencils. I also like to see all the cards the kids from today’s generation get to share with their classmates.

However, at some point as a teenager in high school I wanted nothing to do with the holiday. I dreaded Feb. 14, the candy-filled holiday because every year it was the same. All my friends had boyfriends to buy them flowers and I didn’t. I went from always being excited about it as a child to not wanting anything to do with it.

And there are a lot of people that feel the same way. Once the calendar switches to Feb. 1, they begin to complain about how much they hate Valentine’s Day. The reasons vary. Many believe it’s pointless, some say it’s fake and others because they’re single.

After time passed I realized there was no point in being bitter about it because things can be so much worse. It’s a waste of time, complaining about it and sulking alone and putting yourself in a depressing state.

Sure, sometimes we wish we could be welcomed with a simple teddy bear or flowers, but it’s not always about that. You don’t always have to be with a significant other to have a Valentine’s Day. Surround yourself with people who love you such as family and friends. They are the ones who are going to always be there for you. Cherish them. Heck! Buy a box of pizza and a bottle of wine, and have a “movie night” with friends. Buy a box of cool children’s Valentine cards and pass them out to random people. Those little cards can always bring a smile to someone’s face. Emerge yourself into something you love such as a favorite hobby or explore something totally new. Wanna learn how to two-step? Then go out there and learn.

What am I doing? My Valentine’s Day will be spent with my Logos friends, watching Ryan Reynolds in “Deadpool” because Valentine’s doesn’t always have to be about romance movies.


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