Some tips that can help nurture natural beauty

By Leia L. Hill


 The beauty products you use on your skin each day are just as important as to what foods and beverages you intake to feed, hydrate and nourish your body.

It can seem overbearing, frustrating and confusing to walk into a drugstore or supermarket and cruise down the endless aisles of tempting and “promising” beauty products for the skin. Believe me, I have had my struggles trying to find the best beauty products for my skin because every product displayed on the shelves claims it is the best out there and promises flawless, non-greasy results that will amaze you.

If you want naturally beautiful skin that is soft, smooth and radiant, here are a few top products (body soap, facial cleanser, facial moisturizer and body lotion) you will absolutely enjoy using each day.

First, in the shower, start off with soap that lathers well, cleanses deeply, freshens and moisturizes your skin. Try Dove Deep Moisture White Beauty Bar, $3 at supermarkets. This soap does exactly what it claims to do and it is recommended by dermatologists — even better.

Second, deep-clean your face with a product that is oil-free, but doesn’t over-dry your skin. Try Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser, $5 at supermarkets. This product cleanses my face deep and leaves it soft and clean.

Third, after a nice shower, dry off and put a nice, oil-free, tinted moisturizer on your face for a soft, glowing and healthy complexion to show the world. Try Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector, $8 at supermarkets. This moisturizer is oil-free, blurs imperfections, smoothes, soothes, protects skin with SPF 30, evens skin tone, and enhances skin. It is a perfect product for any day of the year.

Last, but not least, the body moisturizer, for an all-over glow, smooth skin, without the stickiness. Try Equate Cocoa Butter Conditioning Body Lotion, $4, only at Walmart. This generic brand of body lotion really lives up to its claims: it penetrates deep down, gives skin a natural glow, smoothes and evens skin tone. For me, it’s a miracle to my dry skin.

Now, every woman and man can freshen up his or her skin and allow it to be naturally beautiful — all in a matter of minutes. I recommend, use and enjoy the products I’ve mentioned on my skin each day. So, every day, after I use these products, I can walk out into the world confident knowing I look and feel naturally beautiful.

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