SGA shares goals, get new adviser

The Student Government Association has a new adviser – newcomer Paul E. Ayala, director of

University events and student programs — for the 2011-12 academic year.

The SGA’s eight-member Executive Council, comprised of elected and appointed officers, receives stipends for the time they put in meetings and maintaining office hours.

The officers include:

President: Jonathan Guajardo, a junior communication arts major concentrating in media production from San Antonio. Goal: “My main goal is to improve campus morale and to get the student body more involved in the University. I feel we have a great student body and a great University. It’s time we combine the two, and make this a truly student-centered university. The Student Government (Association) is here to serve the student body and I intend to fulfill that purpose.”

Vice President: Hilary Garcia, a junior biology (pre-medicine) major from San Antonio. Goal: “I wish to overlook the student body to be more involved, and to know who we are as an organization. I as well like to foresee an increase in attendance of General Assemblies due to being the first step of student involvement. As of now we have a new (Executive Council) team who I look forward to working with, and has great potential to make the impossible possible. As we move on with other chapters of accomplishments they are the future leaders of UIW. We as a team want to see student involvement progress and grow in the future. I as well would like to see the organizations unified as one, being equal, and representing the mission of UIW. I look forward to working with our new Executive Council in representing the student body and serving as vice president engaging students, and to strive for the unthinkable. “

   Secretary: Demi Cruz, a sophomore psychology major from Asherton, Texas. Goal: “I feel student involvement is an important asset to this campus and as secretary I hope to achieve the following: More attendance at the General Assemblies, and campus events; get students to become more aware of the campus and what is taking place; taking and distributing minutes of the meetings and making sure they are posted online as soon as possible; and be a motivation and lead the student body in the best capacity possible.”

Student Concerns Officer: Gloria Park, a junior major in economics and finance from San Antonio. Goal: “(I want to) fulfill my duties beyond expectations, make students aware they have a voice and can make a difference at UIW, and inspire students to become more involved on campus and in their community.”

Treasurer: Jared Lorenzana, a junior communication arts major concentrating in media production from Voorhees, N.J. Goal: “Since this is my first time being in any student council, I really hope I will not let my fellow officers down being a first-timer. As an important duty in SGA, I want to make sure old and new UIW students will get involved more and to have fun in our school’s activities.”

House Liaison: Robert Rodriguez, a senior biology (pre-medicine) major from San Antonio. Goal: “I intend to build a stronger dialogue between SGA and student organizations in order to have a better environment. Aside from the (General Assemblies), I would like to use other outlets of advertisement and announcements via social networks, Orgsync text messaging and PA announcements in the Marian Circle so that both commuters and residents are aware of what is going on around campus and how to get involved.”

Senate Liaison: Amanda Mares, a junior biology (pre-medicine) major from San Antonio. Goal: “I want the student body to be highly informed of each event going on throughout the year. We, as students, need to be involved in our school and take pride in what we choose to be a part of. I believe the student body of UIW needs to be unified and enjoy the events hosted on campus. Since SGA holds the responsibility of keeping other organizations intact, I want SGA to take care of each other; this way we can be certain the job is accomplished within the SGA Executive Council.”

Parliamentarian: Adam Ramirez, a junior pre-nursing major from San Antonio. Goal: “To get the student body involved in SGA and other important student activities as much as possible.”

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