Seniors, it’s time to leave your mark!

By Yesenia Caloca

UIW’s Senior Class Gift Campaign 2011 gives the graduating class the opportunity to give back to the UIW community through donations.

Rosie Garcia-Pompa, Director of Development, says the goal of this student campaign is to advocate the act of giving back in hopes of having active contributing alumni in the future.

The Senior Class Gift Campaign will have its kickoff in Marian Circle. The date is tentative, but will be in late February, early March.

“This is the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to a professor, a coach, a roommate,” said Garcia-Pompa.

The campaign asks for seniors to donate $20.11 for this year’s graduating class of 2011, but can donate any amount.

Graduating seniors have various gift options to choose from to give through donations. Seniors can donate their money towards campus safety, scholarships, and even designate two honorees that have helped you throughout these years here.

Seniors Vangie Habib, Taylor Rhoades, and Chrystal Alexander are in the Senior Class Gift Committee, but still need the help and participation from other graduating seniors.

On Senior Salute, March 10th, and Senior Finale, April 27th, representatives from the committee will be present to give seniors the more information.

Garcia-Pompa said this is a way to “promote a culture of philanthropy on campus.”

Through generous donations from UIW alumni, faculty, administrators, and staff, many enriching and academic services and programs have been established said Garcia-Pompa. “It’s an investment,” she said.

This is the third year the Office of Development has supported the Senior Class Gift Campaign, whereas before, a senior student would rally up support.

Melisa Martinez, a graduating Marketing senior, said, “after four years, I feel fortunate to be able to give back.” “My money can go to a scholarship someone else can receive.”

“Our students have been blessed by having the opportunity to go to school here, and we hope they value that,” said Garcia-Pompa. “This is the opportunity to leave a legacy at UIW.”

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