Sedan or coupe: the scoop on car shopping

By Gaby Gonzales


Are you in search of a new vehicle? Are you by any chance stuck between a coupe and a sedan? Well if that’s the case, join the club!

Most people, when shopping for a new vehicle, are stuck between the two models. When most people go out to search for that perfect new vehicle, generally the coupe catches everyone’s attention. However, the sedan could possibly be the better choice for you to purchase.

Before you go out searching on the lots of many dealerships, having those persistent salespeople convince you that you want something you don’t, do research.

Go online or look through newspaper ads. Search for the style that fits you, whether it is the model of the sedan or a coupe.

First of all, what is a sedan? Sedans are usually the four-door model of a vehicle. Take for instance the Toyota Corolla that is a version of a sedan. Sedans typically seat more than four people very comfortably and have better gas mileage because the gas tanks tend to be larger and the engines tend to be smaller.

Then what is a coupe? A coupe is typically two-door and seats only maybe two people comfortably. They may have a backseat just as the Ford Mustang does, but it won’t be the easiest fit to have four average-sized people in the vehicle at one time. Coupes tend to be the more sleek and sporty cars. They usually have larger engines and aren’t as great on gas mileage because of that.

Do your research. Know what you want before you head on over to that dealer. Are you more of a sedan kind of person? Or are you more of a coupe driver? Whatever you choose will be the right one for you. It can be tough to pick between the two, such as the Kia Forte Coupe or Kia Forte Sedan. Same car but different models. So look at the specifics such as gas mileage and the actual space in the vehicle.

You know what you are looking for. In the end it’s all about comfort. Always choose what you feel most comfortable with.

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