San Antonio roads just fine, says Lex Luthor

By  Alfred Macdonald

In a survey of East Hildebrand, comic book supervillain and state transportation commission chief Lex Luthor deemed San Antonio’s roads “perfectly acceptable.”

  “You can’t even see the lane markers — how diabolical! Clark, you may have X-ray vision, but do you have … liability insurance? Hahahahahaha…”

  East Hildebrand, however, was just one of many roads surveyed by Luthor. West Olmos, San Pedro and Culebra were also examined by the notorious psychopath.

   “I have not read of a single person who disapproves of the roads I’ve seen here. After all, dead people are not part of the population.”

  Notably among Luthor’s favorite roads was Interstate 35. “I never knew roads could be made like this,” Lex said, laughing maniacally.

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