Royalty reigns at halftime

By Victoria O’Connor


From Cardinals to royalty, all six members of the 2015 University of the Incarnate Word homecoming court were crowned at halftime of Sunday’s homecoming football game.

   The crowns they wore on the field at Gayle and Tom Benson Stadium will mean more than just a title to these royals. The honor offers them the chance to represent UIW and its core values, things they touched on during their campaigns.

  Escorted by the IMG-9471homecoming king and queen from last year, the candidates walked to the field for the announcement of the winners and runner-ups. Nervous and excited, each one of them was introduced before the crowd before senior Steven Reyes was named king and senior Amanda Hackett the queen. Senior Miguel Velez was named prince and senior Alexandra Huron as princess. Ivan Dominguez is the duke and senior Cristen Gonzales the duchess.

   “I think representing UIW as royalty means upholding the mission and professionalism on and off campus,” Velez said. “I enjoy talking about the university and working to make us grow locally and nationwide. I would uphold the standards of the university with respect, integrity, and following the mission.”

  Huron said her best friend inspired her to run for homecoming royalty.

“She participated in homecoming every year and she’s just as involved on campus as I am so I decided to keep the tradition alive,” Huron said.

   Gonzales, a senior, said she was running as a chance to push herself out of her comfort zone.

  “When I found out I was graduating this May, I decided that I was going to do things that scared me, things that were out of my element,” Gonzales said. “So when I found out I got nominated, I took that opportunity. My co-worIMG-0109kers and best friend nominated me, so that was very kind of them so see me as a role model for the school.”

   Though the candidates promoted their reasons for wanting to win the title, the competition was kept friendly as they enjoyed the experience and getting to know each other.

  “No matter who you are, what circle you run in, or how many people you know, it takes a lot of confidence to get people to vote for you and to

put your name out there in the open,” Huron said. “We all know how nerve-wracking it is and we’ve all supported each other through this process.

   “They are tough competition but we all hold a respect for each other,” Velez said. “We encourage each other instead of trying to run each other out of the race. It’s all for fun anyway. We keep it classy and professional.”

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