Ricky Williams breaks into coaching Football Cardinals welcome Heisman winner, NFL vet

By Bianca Hatfield


Weeks after entering Division I, the campus continued to buzz with excitement with the news that Ricky Williams will coach football at the University of the Incarnate Word.

In an Aug. 15 news conference in Gayle and Tom Benson Stadium’s fieldhouse, Head Coach Larry Kennan, a Super Bowl-ring wearer himself, announced that Williams, 1998’s Heisman Trophy winner and 11-year NFL veteran, was joining as a part-time assistant coach with the running backs.

“He was a very great player and a fabulous man,” Keenan said. “I know he will bring great wisdom to our team.”

Williams, who said he will continue his ESPN contract as a pre-game analyst with the Longhorn Network, hopes to attend at least three to four Cardinals games and possibly travel with the team.

Williams, a San Diego native, was a first-round draft pick to the New Orleans Saints out of the University of Texas in 1999. During his time at UT, he set the then-NCAA career rushing record. In his NFL career, Williams played not only with the Saints, Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens. He ended his professional career with 10,009 yards rushing, including five, 1,000-yard seasons.

“I aim to show the players that they can be much better than they think they can, both on and off of the field,” Williams said.

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