Review: ‘The Division’ offers new challenges

Diego OrtegaBy Diego Ortega


One of the most anticipated first-person shooter games of the year, “Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division,’ ” was released this spring after two delays.

With its March debut, “The Division” brought a new perspective to the genre.

As I started the game, I thought to myself, “What is going on?” The screen has a lot going on for the most part, but as you progress through the game you learn to manage it.

The game’s progression system is very similar to that of “Destiny.” The role-playing game elements of “The Division” are all there and it keeps the player in the loop of finding gear, upgrading, and leveling up. This loop happens to be much fun, but once you hit the level capacity it feels sufficient.

I entered the “Dark Zone,” – “The Division’s” online multiplayer mode, and it felt very unnecessary. The rewards are great but it seems pointless once you have reached Level 30. Ubisoft recently announced game modes that will be updated that will bring “raids” to the game. These appear to be very challenging and will require teamwork to be successful, and was set to be released in mid-April.

“The Division” takes place in a beautiful rendition of Manhattan that is desolate and filled with violence, disease and poverty. It is up to the Division agents to restore Manhattan and discover a cure. I found myself enjoying the game a lot. It is definitely not the most amazing game visually. It is pretty nonetheless and it has good gameplay mechanics.

In my opinion, “Destiny” has a much better gameplay system than “The Division,” but “The Division’s” setting, weaponry, and artificial intelligence make it a much more interesting game. “The Division” has challenging moments and makes a great experience to play with friends.

The game’s story lacks a strong protagonist, or storyline that connects the player directly. I personally don’t even remember what the story was exactly because I found leveling up and discovering new places much more intriguing than its story. Fortunately that did not keep me from having a blast playing online with my friends as I swept through the streets of Manhattan.

At times I was playing the same mission for the fifth time until we finally passed it, yet it was a very rewarding experience. I am interested to see what updates “The Division” will bring to the multiplayer gameplay to increase its replay-ability. I do encourage everyone to give it a try. It is a game that has very strong fundamentals and in the end is a great, but short experience.


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