Review: ‘Quantico’ worth watching

By Brenda Herring


“Quantico,” an American television show on ABC, examines the lives of FBI recruits who all have come to Virginia (Quantico base) for 21 weeks of training to become special agents.

The recruits are from all over the world with different backgrounds and lifestyles. Each person has something unique about themselves that sets them apart from millions of people. Each one is considered the best and the brightest in the universe. However, the recruits have hidden secrets for wanting to be at Quantico, whether it’s for political or personal gain.

But one recruit has the BIGGEST secret out of all of them. This recruit ends up being suspected of masterminding and planning one of the most deadly/horrifying attacks on U.S. soil since Sept. 11, 2001. The question on everyone’s mind is which recruit decided to betray their own country for unknown reasons? Who can it be?

As a viewer of the show, you’re always on edge because the first episode in the first minute, you see the aftermath of the 9-11 attack in New York City but then there’s always a constant flashback to show how we got to this event. So you start off at the end, which is this major unexpected attack that caught the FBI by surprise and work your way back to when the recruits arrive at Quantico together.

The recruits not only go through rigorous training, such as profiling each other, gun ranges, vigorous exercising, etc. They all live together, wake up before the sun comes out, and their day doesn’t end until night.

Alex Parrish, who is portrayed as the protagonist, is the one person accused of doing something horrific based upon her being found under a pile of rubble. She was the “first person of interest” just because of her being found there, doing so well at Quantico, and also her ethnicity. Parrish was born to a Caucasian mother and Indian father.

From the beginning of the show the first thing, she declares her innocence. So, as the show goes on, she attempts to clear her name by contacting former FBI recruits and working with them by finding evidence.

Her father, Michael Parrish, was part of the FBI at one point. But here’s the thing, as a viewer, the first thing I noticed is the character, specifically the show’s main character is half-Indian. As a viewer, I believe full-heartedly, they did want to make a main character 100 percent Indian and accuse a character of a crime, because the show’s creators knew there would be controversies left and right to the point they would have to rewrite the show or cancel it, period.

One thing audiences can take away from the show is that not everything is as it seems. An individual can be at a crime scene, but that doesn’t mean the person perpetrated the crime. We can’t jump to conclusions because that’s how altercations, lawsuits, and controversies come across.


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