Retreat seeks UIW students

University Mission and Ministry is extending an invitation to all University of the Incarnate Word students interested in attending a Hill Country retreat called SALVE.

The retreat will be Oct. 4-6 and registration for it is open Sept. 3-27. The fee is $30.

Breaking the word down, “SAL” means healing, and the whole word “SALVE” means “hello” or “welcome.”

The retreat’s theme is “I AM FOUND.”  The retreat team chose “Waldo” as their mascot.

“The retreat team wants ‘Waldo’ to represent how we have all felt at some point; lost in a mass of people, unsure where to turn to next, or struggling to find our way,” said  Michelle Herschell, retreat coordinator.

Herschell describes the retreat as “an escape from academics, the world, and our personal lives.”

She said it’s hoped that the participants would return with “a renewed sense of faith, zeal, and joy prepared for classes and our new year.”

“My personal experiences with any of the retreats I’ve attended have been beyond perfection,” Herschell said. “From the people you meet, who become the best of your friends, to becoming a person you wish to be, or creating a full heart with your God.”


Register online for SALVE at

For more information, visit AD 147 or e-mail  Michelle Herschell at

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