‘Rent-a-Text’ growing on students

By Crystal Moncivais


Now in its third semester, the Rent-A-Text program available at the bookstore is still experiencing success.

Students have had many more positive than negative things to say along with some ideas that could help better the program.

“I like the idea of it because the books are cheaper and you just have to return them on the date that they post on the book,”senior Kevin Kruek said. “I mean it’s cheaper, plain and simple.”.

Students interested in renting have the option of signing up online under the UIW website or sign up at the bookstore. A credit or debit card number is needed  just in case a book isn’t returned.

“I paid cash, but they do require a credit or debit card number in their system,” Kruek said. “In case you don’t return the books on the required date then they’ll charge you the full amount.”

As for undergraduate Christian Rios, the requirement of a card number is a fair deal.

“It’s understandable,” Rios said. “It’s obvious they need some kind of assurance that you will bring it back. Otherwise opportunists would have a reason to steal and exploit the program. I’m a big fan of the program since I rarely have any extra funds for books. I think it’s an excellent program that gives students that otherwise wouldn’t have the option to have the textbooks they need.”

Junior Blanca Mercado said she is fairly content with the program as well.

“I like that the books are a lot cheaper than having to purchase the book in full,” Mercado said. “I hate that the books cost more than the online rent-a-text though. One idea to make things easier for us would be to just have a specific drop-off station for them rather than waiting in a huge line, that would be great.”

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