Record crowd packs ‘Cutting Edge’ fashion show

By Noel Herrera


More than 900 people – a record – packed the 33rd edition of the “Cutting Edge” Fiesta fashion show.

Held at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel, the show’s 65 tables were sold out to witness the students’ designs, hear planned music and see a brightly lit runway.

Special guests at this year’s show were Miss Fiesta San Antonio, Victoria Flores, and Larry Benson, El Rey Feo LXV. Representatives from notable fashion businesses in San Antonio were there, too, such as Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and Neiman Marcus. The garments ranged in style from a classical bridal collection to a three-piece suit to a straitjacket dress.

The 2013 student designers and their collections featured in the show included Ashley Pugh, “The Wedding Party”; Celia Alecozay, “A Heart’s Desire”; Ana Leija Yamamoto, “Reviving Elizabeth”; Courtney Casares, “Paper Doll”; Genevieve Truscott, “Nowhere Woman”; Nabil Gomez, “Vintage Vixen”; Ana Sylvia Legarreta, “Cleopatra”; Chasity Taylor, “Rebelliously Beautiful”; and Shatorria Whitener, “Rough Evening”;

The “Reviving Elizabeth” collection was described as one that is very classy in a whimsical way. “Rebelliously Beautiful” was edgy with a touch of haute couture, an ode to Alexander McQueen. “Cleopatra” is a modern take on the Queen of the Nile’s fashion, giving gold tones with ancient Egyptian symbols on the fabric. “The Wedding Party” was fun and flirty, with an emphasis on “fun,” showcasing giant bows horizontal on one side. “A Heart’s Desire” flashed back a little to the 1950s with the cocktail-dress look but with the ease of a sundress. “Rough Evening” is showed us the style of Janelle Monae, and was very old-fashioned but not too proper.


Kathleen Watson Award: Ashley Pugh.

Best Construction: Ashley Pugh, first; Chasity Taylor, second; Shatorria Whitener, third.

Best Design: Ashley Pugh, first; Chasity Taylor, second; Ana Leija Yamamoto, third.

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