‘RAW San Antonio’ shines light on underground artists

By Karissa Rangel          


San Antonio RAW is a great place to be for fans of art and San Antonio culture in general.

The first RAW San Antonio show of 2015 in February brought all forms of art together under 210 Kapone’s roof for a night celebrating the “underground.”

While San Antonio is not known foremost for its art scene, it was evident as people crowded around tables to watch live paintings that art is alive and well beneath the shadow of the Alamo.

For this reason, RAW puts on events to showcase the best art the city has to offer. RAW is not just an event exclusive to San Antonio. In fact, other states and even countries put on RAW showcases to shine light on local artists. RAW merges all kinds of art, featuring hairstylists, makeup artists, designers, painters, sculptors, photographers, jewelry makers, musicians and more.

Junior Ronnie Garcia, a vision science major at the University of the Incarnate Word, explained her experience.

“Being someone completely un-artistic, RAW reminded me of all the different ways people express their art through fashion, makeup, music, film and photography,” Garcia said. “Painting is art. Art is not a painting.”

RAW celebrates any kind of visual and performance art, showcasing the “natural-born artist” and working to introduce them to the public and hopefully by the end of the night, sell some art. The February showcase included booths for artists to sell handmade goods, jewelry, art, photography, clothes and makeup. On the performance side, RAW artists put on fashion shows; spoken word artists and bands such as The Native Roar and Tera Ferna took the stage. Tera Ferna, a rock band, includes a few UIW alums.

Junior Jackie Balderas, a vision science major, also attended the February event and awaits other dates.

“The atmosphere is what definitely made RAW a success,” Balderas said. “There was a wide variety of people with unique styles. My favorite part of the night was live music from Tera Ferna and the Native Roar. They both represent soul and offer innovation to the music scene of San Antonio.

“RAW provides the opportunity for local artists to showcase their work. It’s also a chance for citizens to connect with local cultural art. It was amazing seeing how artists incorporated the Hispanic or urban vibe of San Antonio into paintings, fashion, and even music.”

The event is fancier than expected. Attendees opt to dress nicer to properly celebrate all the hard work RAW artists go through to share their talent with the public. After attending once, attendees learn to heed RAW’s advised dress of “fashionable/cocktail attire” and bring an actual camera to properly capture the event. After all, these are artists; they’ll appreciate an impractically trendy outfit or a high heel.

“I think RAW is a great organization,” Garcia said. “It’s a great way to get local artists’ names and work out there. It gives them a chance to show off their work and maybe sell it to someone who loves what the artist made.”


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