Quirk plans April outing

By April Lynn Newell


Quirk 2011 is in the making and set to debut April 13 at a 5-7 p.m. reading in the Special Collections Room on the second floor of J.E. and L.E. Mabee Library.

The deadline for submissions passed Jan. 31 but Dr. Tanja Stampfl, adviser for the annual literary publication sponsored by the Department of English, said there are still ways to support Quirk.

“[One] way to promote Quirk is to buy it and read it; and the last way is to come to the Quirk Reading event,” said Stampfl, an assistant professor of English. “I still meet many people here on campus who have never heard of Quirk, and I would love for it to be recognized as the great tradition it is.

“We received very positive feedback from Quirk 2010. Everybody seemed to like the layout and design and was impressed with the quality of creative work that was included. I was certainly very happy with the final product.”

Changes that will be made for Quirk 2011 deal mainly with the process of creating and putting the book together.

“We have a stronger focus on criteria for evaluating different types of art, and we left more time for layout and design and proofreading than we did last year,” Stampfl said.

Quirk itself has changed a little throughout the years.

Quirk did start out as a literary magazine and has become more of a creative arts journal in the last years in order to showcase the wonderful creative art that is being created here on campus,” Stampfl said.

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