Quick tips on staying well-informed

By April Lynn Newell


Today is so fast-paced that many of us don’t have time to sit down with our morning coffee, much less sit down and read the local newspaper front to back.

Nevertheless we need to stay informed and well-informed at that. So how do we keep go-go-going with our day while getting informed at the same time? Here are a few things I have tried:

First, if you have a few minutes, try picking up the newspaper or logging on to a newspaper’s website and read the first paragraph (leads) of all the high-ranking stories. Stories on the front page or homepage usually hold the most important and newsworthy information. Also try looking at the front pages of each section of the newspaper and read the leads in those stories.

Second, listen to a news radio station on your way to work or school, then reward yourself for a job well-done and listen to whatever you like on your way back home.

Third, watch the local news two to three times a week. Every day would be most beneficial but let’s face it, tests and papers crop up at the most inopportune time and suddenly study groups rank over any suave TV anchor.

Fourth, turn to a national TV news station in the morning. Let it play while you get ready for the day. Surely something will seep in as you half-listen!

Last, if budget allowsof course, subscribe to a biweekly news magazine (such as Newsweek) or for a weekly edition of a newspaper. Giving yourself one to two weeks to read one publication could help you gain more in-depth knowledge of what is happening around the world. Also, the money you’re paying for each magazine or paper should motivate you to read it!

Try one or all of these tips and find yourself more knowledgeable about our world and nation.

Happy reading!

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