Profile: Freshman releases first album

By Shannon Sweet


As a singer-songwriter, Texas native Amanda Loving, a University of the Incarnate Word freshman, is expanding her wings and flying high like a Cardinal.

Loving soars through her music, a blend of pop, rock, blues and ballads, all tied together with a country twang.

On “Heartbreak,” her debut five-song EP, Loving shows her potential while still leaving plenty of room to grow into herself.

Only 19, Loving, from Katy, is already an accomplished musician, as she was the runner-up in the 2014 International “Song of the Year” contest, a semifinalist in the 2014 Dallas Songwriters Association “Songwriter of the Year” contest, a recipient of the Akademia Music Award, and the Reverbnation selection for “crowd favorite.”

Loving showcases both her talent and heart in “Cassidy’s Song,” a tender, yet powerful piano ballad dedicated to Cassidy Stay, the sole survivor in the Spring, Texas, mass shooting that killed Stay’s whole family in 2014. The stripped-down song features Loving equipped with only her lyrics, piano, and, most importantly, her voice, as she sings to not only Stay, but to everyone who’s ever felt alone before.

Loving’s inspiration comes from within.

“The inspiration for my songs comes from a part of me that I honestly don’t even know much about,” Loving said. “It’s mainly just feelings that I’ve been stuffing away, and I like to take those feelings and make them into kind of a puzzle.”

Her personal lyrics don’t only reflect herself and her emotions, but allow the listener to become fully immersed into Loving’s world as they, too, relate her words to their own life.

“I want my songs to mean something to each and every person, but I want them to mean something different to everyone,” she said. “It’s more fun when everyone interprets the song in a different way.”

Her dream collaboration would be with Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, she said, “because his writing technique is so interesting to me, and it’s also kind of hilarious. Nirvana songs (especially off its “Bleach” album) grab your attention because the lyrics make you think, ‘What the hell is this about?’ ”

Despite her credentials and talent, Loving, who is undecided about her major, is keeping herself humble and true to herself.

“Well, in the future I hope to make another album,” she said. “Maybe I’ll get a band together, and go on tour some day. Not a huge tour or anything. I know how tough the industry is, but just the chance to drive around one summer and play some music all over the country would be awesome.”


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