Professors get major awards

Two veteran professors at the University of the Incarnate Word received major awards at the annual Faculty Appreciation Luncheon held Friday, March 25, in Marian Hall Ballroom.

Dr. Lydia Andrade, professor and chair of the newly named Department of Government and International Affairs (formerly Department of Political Science), was named the seventh recipient of the Presidential Teaching Award which carries a $5,000 prize.

And Professor Bill Gokelman, who won the Presidential Teaching Award in 2005, was named the Moody Professor for 2011 among more than 200 full-time faculty.

The Moody honor also carries with it the responsibility of giving the December commencement address, and a public lecture at UIW and Our Lady of the Lake University. The recipient also gets a $3,000 prize.

Dr. Denise Doyle, provost, announced both awards, allowing the president, Dr. Lou J. Agnese Jr., to bestow the Presidential Teaching Award on Andrade.

“The president’s support of this award is really a reflection on the university’s commitment to teaching, which has never changed,” Doyle said. “Teaching has changed with technology, the emphasis on student learning outcomes has made us more accountable to our students and their families, but the heart of an effective teacher is always the same. He or she is always reaching out to the student, generous in time and effort, accessible and encouraging and that is certainly the (modus operandi) of our seventh recipient.”

Doyle said Andrade, who came to UIW in 1999 and serves as the faculty athletic representative, “has been instrumental in shaping the Political Science Department. She is known for her involvement with students, her willingness to spend lots of her time getting them excited about American government, traveling with them, watching debates with them, lobbying with

them, and yes, keeping up with them after they leave… She has, in short, boundless energy.”

Doyle said the student who nominated Andrade had this to say: “Dr. Andrade is an exceptional professor in the classroom. She involves the class in the lessons and encourages us to think critically and have fun learning without the risk of ridicule. She is challenging, but incredibly fair. She is also one of the most accessible professors that I’ve ever had.”

Andrade told the luncheon crowd her students likened her to “Susan Lucci,” oft nominated for soap opera awards but a perennial loser, when it came to this particular faculty award.

Andrade told the Logos, “I am truly proud and honored. I am really blessed to be able to work at UIW and have such wonderful students.”
Gokelman also received accolades from Doyle.

“Like so many of our colleagues who have received this prestigious honor before him, Bill embodies the excellent teaching expected of the Moody Professor,” Doyle said. She called him  “a true teacher, a dedicated professional, a creative artist, an inspiration. Bill Gokelman represents the best of the Incarnate Word spirit and embodies the qualities the Moody Professorship was established to recognize and honor.”

Gokelman told the Logos, “I am honored and humbled to receive the Moody Professor award. It represents the excellence of the UIW faculty, a talented and caring group of colleagues with whom I am thankful to serve.”


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