Poster policy gets sticky – fines possible

By Patricia Walker


Student organizations, beware. Before you stick up your latest flier or poster about your latest event, check the campus poster policy. You could be in violation and be fined.

“Beginning Oct. 1, organizations and individuals that post in violation of the policy will be prohibited from posting for the remainder of the semester,” said Paul Ayala, director of the Student Center and Leadership Activities. “In addition, fines up to $5 per poster or $100 could be assessed to the violators.”

Ayala said the policy – part of the University of the Incarnate Word’s student handbook — has been in place for some time but will be enforced.

“The majority of violations are from hanging posters/fliers in stairwells, on walls, and on doors that provide access to buildings,” Ayala said. “Not only are these locations violations of the poster policy but against fire code.”

Though this policy has always been enforced, Ayala said, “until this year the number of violations was minimal.”

Ayala is urging any student or administrator about a particular posting to report it to him as soon as possible. The matter will be investigated and if a violation has taken place, the group or individual will be subject to penalties, he said.

The handbook also states “all printed materials posted or distributed on campus by students and guests” must meet approval in Ayala’s office first. And the number of posters, fliers and banners has restrictions on where they can be posted, how long they can be posted and should be removed the day after an event. Groups also can be fined for failing to remove materials.

Approved locations are bulletin boards in such buildings as Fine Arts, Joyce, Nursing, AT&T Science Building and Bonilla Hall; the student lounge in Nursing, Marian Hall Student Lounge floor and silver posting fixtures in Gorman Building.

Senior Bianca Andrews, assistant secretary of the Delta Rho city chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, said she was unaware of the policy. However, she said it shouldn’t be so hard to post events.

“I think that policy limits the campus feel of community,” Andrews said. “Bulletin boards aren’t in places that visually reach the student body. We are a liberal arts university and the Sisters (of Charity of the Incarnate Word) wanted us to be a tight-knit and supportive community for each other. How can we reach each other when we are held with boundaries? And what will visiting students think to visit a bare-walls college that looks uninhabited, restricted and uninviting?”

Asked if the university plans on purchasing more bulletin boards and/or implementing some other idea to give students and all organizations the opportunity to place posters and fliers around campus, Ayala said no.

“We have no intention on purchasing more bulletin boards,” Ayala said. “From a sustainability standpoint, poster and fliers are not ideal. As a result, my office has cut back on the number of paper fliers and posters we produce. We are utilizing more social media and Channel 15. My hope is that students would move in the same direction.”


Posting Restrictions

  • Glass doors, windows, painted and/or varnished surfaces. No posters/ flyers allowed on ground or windows
  • Material without proper approval
  • Posters with alcohol as the primary emphasis
  • Use of two-sided, electrical or duct-tape
  • Covering another announcement or impairing an individual’s line of sight
  • No distribution on cars on-campus
  • Posting on the Jordan Carillon Plaza or the 1st and 2nd floors of the International Conference Center
  • Inside the parking garages, but you are allowed to post through the outside of the garage
  • Do not post flyers at eye level for safety reasons
  • Chalking can only be on sidewalks, not on buildings, steps or other university parking
  • Do not post on clock tower
  • Do not post at the International Conference Center (except 3rd or 4th floors)
  • No outside club flyers
  • All announcements must be posted in authorized areas. If posters are covering another announcement, the top poster will be removed.


Allowable Areas

  • Academic Buildings: Non-designated bulletin boards and cork strips in the fine arts center, Joyce Building, Frank Nursing Building, AT&T Science Center, Bonilla Science Hall and Nursing Building Lounge on the 1st floor.
  • Administration Building: Bulletin Boards or cork strips only, NO WALLS
  • Mabee Library: Board in Reserve reading room; bulletin boards in entrance and Finnegan’s. Posters are not allowed on the exterior of the library.
  • Residence Halls: Give to Residence Life Office for RA’s to post inside residence halls
  • Sidewalks: Chalking is acceptable no more than two days before an event; messages must be approved when completing an event approval and must be removed no later than 24 hours after the event.
  • Student Center: Bulletin boards and cork strips only. No items may be taped to the painted pillars or windows.
  • Wellness Area: Lobby area, ask desk personnel for specific locations
  • Cafeteria: You may post within the cafeteria. NO WINDOWS.

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