Police seek bicycle thief

By Jenn Adams


University of the Incarnate Word Police have received three separate reports of bicycle thefts in recent weeks on campus amid similar thefts from the surrounding area.

At UIW, one bicycle theft was reported on a Friday and the other two incidents occurred on Saturdays. Trinity University Police, Alamo Heights Police Department and Terrell Hills Police Department also have reported instances of multiple bicycle thefts over the course of the last few months.

The bicycle thefts on campuses were not isolated to a single location as they were in previous years. Several bicycle burglaries were reported next to UIW’s Wellness Center, Marian Hall Student Center and Agnese-Sosa Parking Garage.

UIW student Chris Hernandez said he was devastated when his $500 Fuji bicycle was stolen from Agnese-Sosa.

“My bike was locked up and it still got stolen,” Hernandez said. “Whoever did this seems like they were a pro and they knew what they were doing.”

UIW Police Chief Jacob Colunga said police departments “are trying to crack down” and nab the culprit.

Alamo Heights police received a recent report of a home burglary where the only item stolen was an expensive bicycle.

At Trinity, an eyewitness to a bicycle theft said the suspect there was “a white or Hispanic male, approximately 6 feet tall, (with) short hair and a colored tattoo on the upper left arm.”

One of the Terrell Hills detectives suggested using “baiting bicycles.” The detective wants to set out bicycles with GPS trackers to try and catch the thief.

Colunga said students should keep their bicycles locked up at all times using ”bike racks and not the railings or handicapped ramps [because] it causes a safety hazard.”

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