‘Noches Culturales’ Music, coffee creates night of magic

By Shannon Sweet


Two forms of culture collided at “Noches Culturales,” translated “Cultural Nights,” a Feb. 13  event featuring a noted musician and a new Starbucks flavor.

The Starbucks at 9811 Interstate 10 West was host to the San Antonio stop of

Noches Culturales, Pili Montilla, an Emmy award-nominated host and producer of “Té Para Tres con Pili Montilla,” is the host for all these events taking place from Los Angeles to Miami where Montilla conducts interviews with musical guests unique to the city.

San Antonio’s musical guest was Austin’s David Garza. Garza is a renowned singer-songwriter who has released more than 30 albums of genre-crossing indie pop with a Latin spice. So much can be said about his career, which has spanned more than two decades and all the lives he has touched with his relatable songwriting. He has worked and toured with many well-known musicians, including Fiona Apple, who he holds in high regard and has immense admiration for.

Asked what would be an album he would recommend to someone wanting to get acquainted with his music, Garza cited his latest album, “Human Tattoo,” and “This Euphoria.” Both can be found on Spotify and iTunes.

While unique, Garza is often compared to musical greats such as Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury. Although both men are all inspirations to him, Garza said, he feels the comparisons come from the fact they all have similar vocal ranges.

Garza was very optimistic about the current music scene. He feels like this is the golden age for the younger generation discovering and creating music.

Once the performance started, everyone could see just how talented Garza was. His acoustic guitar-playing and his soulful vocals brought to mind the late Jeff Buckley, who was also renowned for his acoustic shows. Garza’s mastery of the guitar was hypnotic to watch and his voice fully conveyed raw emotions he was feeling in every lyric he sung.

As for the food that evening, the Caramel Flan Latte stood out. The latte pays homage to the traditional Spanish custard dessert. The ingredients are perfectly combined together to create a rich and creamy coffee delight. The Caramel Flan Latte is made up of Starbucks’ signature Expresso Roast, freshly steamed milk, syrup with a full body of flan flavor, topped with whipped cream that goes along perfectly with the final ingredient of drizzled caramel.

When the Caramel Flan Latte is being consumed, the flavor can only be described as a fiesta on the taste buds. The drink is highly recommended to anyone who wants to experience a treat that is held in high regard in the Hispanic community, or if they just want a satisfying beverage. All in all, the Caramel Flan Latte is not just an average cup of coffee.

Noches Culturales was a night of magic. The intimacy of the event was incomparable and the kindness from everyone involved was unmatched. Fans of all ages attended, including a 2-year- old girl who would only stop crying at the sound of David Garza’s music. That just shows how special Garza’s music is and the effect it has on listeners.


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