New off-campus complex prepared for fall move-in

By Alexandra Shipley


   A new off-campus apartment complex located at Burr Road and Perry Court will be available this fall for University of the Incarnate Word upperclassmen.

The new complex’s layout is said to look almost identical to the Avoca apartment layout on campus, said J.R. Chiodo-Benmuvhar, UIW’s assistant director of Residence Life.

“There are two buildings in the complex, three floors each, and a parking lot in the middle,” Chiodo-Benmuvhar said.

Each apartment can house four residents, two people per room. There is also a kitchen and living room area to be shared between the four people. The bathroom, shared between all four residents, is located in the middle of the two rooms.

One very different aspect of the new apartments is the washer-and-dryer unit placement. Inside each apartment, there will be a washer-and-dryer unit that operates normally. Instead of using coin-operated machines such as the ones found in other residence halls on campus, the residents of the new apartments will pay a fee included in their tuition to pay for the use of the machine.

“It is definitely more efficient,” Derek Lenz, coordinator of operations for Residence Life, said. “The apartments have a cozy, homey feel, with a touch of European architecture/ It’s a smaller, intimate community since it is separate from the rest of campus.”

There are staircases outside each building for access to the apartments but there are no elevators. To accommodate handicapped students, there is one handicap-accessible suite per building on the first floor.

Residents wishing to park at the complex will have the option of purchasing a commuter-parking pass instead of the resident parking pass.

There are a limited amount of parking spaces that can only accommodate compact vehicles. There are handicapped parking spaces available as well and residents who live in the complex but cannot park in the provided lot can also park on Perry.

Chiodo-Benmuvhar said that for the students who will be living in the off-campus apartments it builds a sense of independence. However, the complex will be managed by Residence Life which will assign four resident assistants there. In the past when students lived off campus at a hotel on Broadway, resident assistants also were assigned there.

The residents of the new complex will be within walking distance of campus and many other areas to meet their needs for shopping and services such a bank, supermarket, dry cleaner’s, and many eateries and boutiques in the area.

“The residents will be able to walk to places with all their basic needs,” Chiodo-Benmuvhar said. “You can expect more expansion like this from Residence Life in the coming years. We are landlocked, so right now we are thinking of new ways to circumvent that obstacle.”


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