‘Meet the Mission’ scheduled Sept. 16

Faculty and students – mostly freshmen – are gearing up for the sixth annual “Meet The Mission” on Friday, Sept. 16.

Participating students ride VIA buses to various sites where they spend a few hours earning  community service hours toward graduation, said Dr. Harold Rodinsky, a faculty coordinator for “Meet the Mission.”

“Service is a key element of the mission of the University of the Incarnate Word,” Rodinsky, an assistant professor of psychology, told faculty in a preschool service at the Chapel of the Incarnate Word.

“The core of the ‘Meet the Mission’ model is the creation of faculty-student teams that provide service to agencies in San Antonio,” Rodinsky said. “Faculties who participate are encouraged to recruit students for their teams from their own classes.

“The immediate benefits for students (and faculty) are that bond is formed between student team members and their faculty. This bond leads to improved self-esteem, improved academic performance and leadership in the classroom and the university.

“The longer-term benefits for the students includes their awareness that they are members of a larger community and as such have the responsibility to contribute to lives of less-fortunate members of their community. It is hoped this blossoming of self-awareness opens is also a transcendent experience wherein the student connects the spiritual nature of their acts of service with their membership and responsibilities in a larger community.

“This year, in addition to the agencies we served last year, we are working with the Family Services Association on their list of up to 22 additional sites. Last year we served 20-plus agencies and will be looking for more students and faculty (this year). We are very excited about this new connection and the potential for more community service activity for our students and faculty.”

Dr. Harold Rodinsky


For more information about participating in “Meet the Mission,” contact:

@ Dr. Harold Rodinsky via e-mail at rodinsky@uiwtx.edu or call 283-5055.

@ Brenda Dimas in the Office of Mission and Ministry at dimas@uiwtx.edu or 829-3128.

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