Make ‘college’ your source for success

By Sarah Hudson


COLLEGE: The ultimate experience that is supposed to consist of drinking, partying, hooking up, and having the time of your life. Right? Well, perhaps, but don’t lose control just yet! Most people view college as a time where we are supposed to be “young, wild, and free,” which to an extent is very true. But as a little piece of advice from someone about to graduate in December, don’t let that stereotypical lifestyle fool you. Remember why you’re here and remember the power these next four to five years have in determining the rest of your life.

FRESHMEN: I know the idea of college may seem extremely exciting and a little scary and to be honest, it really is! College is a completely different world that you have yet to explore, so don’t lose sight of what’s really important: your education. Have a great time exploring different friendships, relationships, organizations, and electives, but make sure you keep your eye on the prize. Attendance is extremely important in your class and here’s why. Since we have the privilege of going to a school where our class sizes are smaller, giving us more one-on-one attention with our professors, your professor will most likely know your name and face by the end of the first couple of weeks. Not only is it important for your grade for you to be in attendance, but it is important for you to make a good impression on your professor. Do not disrespect them by showing up late or skipping their class because in the end you’re only hurting yourself! Try not to let relationships and friendships get in the way of your studies. If you are stressed about a social situation, take advantage of our school counselor or try your best to get rid of that situation. Nothing should come between you and your ability to study. If you earn your degree correctly, graduation will be guaranteed. Friendships and relationships are not.  When it comes to your classes, pay attention to what you like and don’t like. If you have already chosen a major, make sure you are happy in the classes that are specifically designed for your major. If you’re not happy, make note of it. This is the time for you to explore the options you have for the rest of your life! Make use of it!

SOPHOMORES: Now you guys should have the hang of school already. You know how it works and you know more or less what is expected of you. Take advantage of this time to become more active on campus. This will allow you to build your resume and make more friends on campus. Social organizations such as Greek Life or various clubs that belong to different education departments all offer clubs that you can become a member of. Get involved! Learn to balance a healthy social life with your academic life –a skill that will probably come in handy later on.

JUNIORS: By the junior year, most students are set in their ways and are beginning to really sink into their career paths. My advice to you would be to begin planning your future. Talk to your advisers about the classes you will need to set you apart from everyone else in your department. What will make you a marketable graduate? If you haven’t taken the time to become more involved on campus, do so now. If you already know how school works, why not add a little more to your agenda? Just make sure you can handle it! Keep your eye on the prize.

SENIORS: Senioritis usually kicks in by this time if it hasn’t already. This is the boat I personally am in. We’re at the very end of our college career, about to face the real world, which some of us may have already started doing, and we slack a little in our studies. DON’T GIVE UP! Graduation is right around the corner and this last bit is the most important piece of all. During the last couple of semesters of the college career, students usually only have classes specifically geared towards his or her career choice. These are some of the most important classes so give it your all and do your best.  Befriend your professors not only because it is polite, but because you may be using them as job references.

All in all, the life of a college student is really exciting. You meet new people, are exposed to different worlds, and you learn to grow up in a way. Just make sure you don’t miss that last part. Make connections with the professionals you meet. Go to seminars that are offered because they are usually free and are offered for a reason: to benefit you!  Take advantage of life. Be happy, be friendly, and better yourself and your future.

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