Last classes sail through online race

By Angela Hernandez


I anxiously watched the clock through heavy eyelids, waiting for the clock to strike 8:30 a.m. I was tired from the night before because I tossed and turned awaiting registration.

My hands shook as I raced to type in the CRN codes to the classes I need to register for in order to graduate in the spring.

As I hit the enter key to submit the classes I was hoping to get for my last semester at the University of the Incarnate Word, I shut my eyes tight, I crossed my fingers and prayed I wouldn’t run into the obstacles I have endured during my four years of registration.

There have been endless meetings with my adviser trying to figure out a way to take all the courses required to graduate.

I have had to beg the financial aid office for help paying my tuition; scholarships, grants, anything but more loans. I remember being a terrified freshman working two jobs try to keep up my grades and looking at my tuition bill and thinking why couldn’t things just go my way.

I know what it’s like to see the business office offers a payment plan at an additional cost in addition to paying your designated payment along with any late fee you may acquire.

The ladies at the registrar’s office have seen me as a nervous wreck with papers in hand trying to get an override into a class that has been filled up already.

My alternate PIN number has been wrong; I have even had Bannerweb kick me out because too many people were registering all at once.

I have experienced the disappointment of trying to register for a class and Bannerweb telling me I do not have the prerequisites required for a particular class, even though I know darn well I do qualify to be in that class.

I’ve had backup schedules made for my backup classes when registering. I have even enrolled myself in classes way out of my comfort zone such as ballet.

You name it and I have dealt with it.

Each semester gets easier, I promise. Course work becomes manageable, grades improve, tuition bills shrink, and yes, registration isn’t “The Hunger Games” of college experiences.

All the hardships I have endured when trying to register have made me a better person. I know the offices here on campus are meant to be helpful, not hinder us from reaching our goal of graduation. Taking last-resort classes can lead to learning about an awesome skill or hobby.

Once I finished my prayer, I uncrossed my fingers and opened my eyes to find I had registered for my last semester without any problems. I even got all the classes I wanted — no backup plans needed.

Nostalgia got the best of me and I got sad that I would not be experiencing the exhilarating feeling of registration again.

If I had the chance to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing because this is exactly how my college experience is supposed to be — full of bumps, but worth it. I guess things are finally going my way.


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