How to make a ‘bad day’ better

By April Lynn Newell


Let’s face it, even the happiest people get caught in the ever-looming “bad day.”

Whether it is the million little things that have gone wrong before 9 a.m. or a fender-bender with a grouchy old man, we can probably all relate to focusing on the negative when it seems like there is nothing positive around.

What a waste of a day! I’ve had those days and I’ve reacted negatively because I couldn’t see the positives, but at the end of the day that’s exactly what I thought — what a waste. So, how can we see positive circumstances when negative ones block our view? See if one or some of these tips I’ve found can help you:

  1. Make a list of all the good things in your life. Don’t narrow it to just the day. Think about all your favorite things, and people!
  2. Pet a dog. An article on discusses the theory that dogs help people with depression and anxiety.
  3. Take a break. Sometimes it may feel like you don’t have the time, but it may be just what you need. Take five, 10 or 15 minutes to just walk and get out of whatever stressful area you are in.
  4. Listen to your favorite song. If you’re a music person, crank it up! But be sure you know what type of music brings you up and what type brings you down. Sometimes we turn to the sad ole breakup song with the slow melody that just makes us feel worse. So whether it is heavy metal or ‘90s boy bands (don’t judge me), listen to a song or two, or listen while you work.
  5. Stretch it out. If you sit all day long, be sure to take a minute and stretch. Stretching releases endorphins, a natural chemical that makes you feel good!
  6. While we’re on that note, yes I’m going there, exercise! ESPECIALLY if it is a bad day. Run it out, ride it out, punch it out, play it out, whatever you enjoy doing most.
  7. Bad days can cause stress which could cause tension in the neck and shoulders which could cause a headache, the last thing you want on a day like this. Something I’ve found to release some of that tension is to lift your shoulders up, try to touch your ears, then drop them back down. Repeat a few times until you feel some of that tension loosen up.


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