Guajardo returns as SGA president

By Tyller Collins


Student Government Association President Jonathan Guajardo was re-elected in the only opposed race following the spring election earlier this month.

Jonathan Guajardo

No vote totals were released for the race between Guajardo and Lyndsey Reyna, the outgoing president of the Campus Activities Board.

Other elected SGA officers for the 2012-13 year are Joel Peña, vice president; Jarrod Lorenzana, treasurer; and Gloria Parks, student concerns.

Guajardo, a communication arts major, said he and the SGA wanted to continue working with the Red C sports support group, gather more online donations for the Golden Harvest food collection drive, and work with other organizations they previously were working with.

“When it comes to anything new, I want SGA to continue the things that they were working on during this school year,” said Guajardo. A few changes, or improvements that the SGA is aiming for are even more communication between the SGA and its constituents and even more awareness of campus events.

A goal that Guajardo has for himself is to hold a monthly news conference on UIWtv as another way of getting information across to the student body. During these conferences, Guajardo will speak of campus news and other upcoming campus events and have representatives of those events speak and give more information as well.

Along with more communication and advertising, the SGA might be planning another way to bring students together. This new attraction is called It is similar to Twitter, but it’s only for UIW students. It will be a new way for UIW students to interact with each other.

“Things like these will bring the student body closer together and bring more life to UIW,” said Guajardo.


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