Graduating time – scary but thankful

img-3152By Priscilla Aguirre


“What are you planning on doing after graduation?” or “Have a job lined up yet?” are the two main questions people ask me when I tell them I’m graduating this December.

Usually, I look at them with a face full of uncertainty and anxiety because, honestly, I’m scared.

My school life is over. I don’t plan on getting my master’s so this is it for me.

Once I walk that stage and leave the Joe and Harry Freeman Coliseum, I’m out in the “real world” that everyone talks about.

In my family, I’ll be the first to graduate college and they are all very proud of me. But, I don’t want them to see me fail. My biggest fear is failing in life. I just want to be successful. I know where I would like to work and what I want to do with my degree, but it’s just getting there is the scary part.

Writing is my passion and I’ll accept any job that will allow me to do that.

Job-searching isn’t as fun as I thought it would be. I’ve already applied to five different employment options and haven’t received nothing back, but I’m going to keep trying until I reach my goal.

That’s all I can do. I’m not going to give up on my dreams and neither should any of my fellow Cardinals who will receive their diplomas soon.

You aren’t alone.

Everyone is secretly freaking out inside. I am except I’m not so secretive about it. I’m terrified. Nervous. Anxious. Yet, most of all I’m proud.

A few years ago, I took a break from college and almost didn’t come back.

Thankfully I did. And now I’m graduating.

That’s something I’ve always wanted since I was little. Now, it is going to happen in less than a week.

As my college journey comes to an end, I find myself very emotional. The tears won’t go away.

When I’m on the shuttle, I look out the window and see all the beautiful buildings and somehow water runs down my eyes.

My thoughts take over and I start to remember the many wonderful memories I’ve experienced at UIW.

For instance, that one time I almost died on the track because my instructor from Dimensions of Wellness made me run two miles. That’s a bit much for me. Or, when I fell flat on my face on Dubuis Lawn in front of a huge crowd. That moment made me so strong.

But, the one building that will make my heart melt just by seeing it is the Administration Building.

The AD building and sitting in those classrooms helped mold the person I am today.

The Communication Arts Department was so good to me.

I’ve loved every minute of my major. Yes, even the crazy assignments, the endless homework and the difficult finals.

Every moment there was never time wasted. I enjoyed it greatly.

Out of everything in that building, I’m going to miss my home the most, the Logos office.

The Logos gave me the drive to write again. I’ll be forever grateful for being a part of the staff and leadership.

Everyone involved in the Logos will have a special place in my heart and I’ll cherish every precious second there.

Thank you to everyone who was around for all my college meltdowns and stayed there to keep me calm and pushed me forward.

Thank you to the officers at UIWtv for letting me cry out of frustration during my footage-editing process. Thank you KUIW for allowing me to release some stress by jamming out in the studio.

Of course, an extreme thank-you to the Logos staff for dealing with my panic attacks during deadline and keeping me calm every time I freaked out, which happened often.

I love every single one of you.

Thank you my lovely friends in the Communication Arts Department for making my college experience worth remembering. To Mr. (Michael) Mercer, thank you for your guidance when I was lost and for being an incredible mentor and adviser.

Valerie (Bustamante, the editor), I owe you a huge thank-you for being one of my best friends.

Thank you to my boyfriend for listening to all of my complaints and being there for my hardships. Thank you to my mother for being my rock my whole life. Lastly, thank you UIW for providing so much assistance throughout my learning experience and for helping me become who I am today.

Goodbye UIW, I will definitely miss you.


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