‘Going Green’: Take sustainability seriously

By Miriam Guajardo


“Being green” signifies being environmentally conscious in all our choices concerning a natural ecological balance.

Fundamentally, it is playing a role in life as a considerate individual who is friendly to the natural environment. A citizen who is sustainable to the earth and contributes towards preserving the planet. The term “green” is the exact way our earth deserves to be: clean, unpolluted, peaceful and healthy. We have to transform our community, starting with our campus, into one where we are dedicated to preserving the beauty of nature and encouraging others to take a step in minimizing the harm we do to the environment.

Being one of the greenest institutions, our campus highlights innovative sustainability initiatives focused on buildings, curriculum and community. The overall goal in our community should to adopt five basic principles that will help ensure living on this earth is prolonged.

1.) Be the solution and reduce consumption

2.) Reduce pollution

3.) Conserve resources

4.) Conserve energy

5.) Protect earth’s ecological balance.

These actions should not be done as a matter of convenience but as one where our environment comes first. Furthermore, we should encourage those around us to do the same. Keeping an organic garden, using organic products, or donating to wildlife conservation works as great examples in respecting the lives of other living creatures.

In our day-to-day activities we release toxic substances into the environment. It may be hard to leave zero trace or create no pollution, but there are plenty of things one can do to reduce the impact of our daily routines on this earth. For example, blue bins are located inside campus buildings where one can place recyclable items. These blue bins are later emptied into green totters that are located outside campus, and collected and picked up by GreenStar for sorting, and distribution to facilities for re- use of materials.

Earth’s resources are limited, and if we do not take the effort to conserve now, soon there will be none left. Our school campus is considered to be a higher education community that is improving energy efficiency, conserving resources, and creating healthy living and learning environments.

  Last October we collected 8.6 tons of paper, according to the UIW campus sustainability committee made up of faculty, staff, students and alumni to promote recycling and other sustainability efforts in the university community. As a result, we saved 145 trees, 35,000 kilowatt hours of energy, 59,850 gallons of water, and 28 cubic yards of landfill. We also eliminated 513 pounds of air pollutants created when making paper from virgin wood pulp.

   If we continue to work together as a whole, all of these efforts will contribute now and in the future in keeping this beautiful campus sustainable.


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Miriam Guajardo

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